Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Scale of the Universe

I've written a couple times about how innumeracy, the inability to understand numbers, the scale of space and vastness of time, is one of the key factors behind creationism. People who argue against Evolution as a science just don't get how incredibly vast the ecosphere is and how long a billion years is.

Today I'll leave you with something cool:
The interactive Scale of the Universe
It starts in the middle, around our own scale, but I thought it was cool to slide the button clear to the right and then work my way left. It goes from 10-35 meters to 1024 meters, 59 orders of magnitude! That's starting from the Planck length and ending at the whole universe. It shows you what objects are relevant at each step. It's quite amazing.

How anyone can reconcile this with creationism is beyond me!

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