Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Message from Christopher Hitchens to all American Atheists

I'm still on vacation, so here's something to fill the gap. It's an amazing and courageous message from Christopher Hitchens, who is dying of cancer. If ever there was any doubt about Hitchens' atheism, this should put it to rest. He's trusting to science, not magic, and says:
"[We] affirm life over the cults of death and human sacrifice and are afraid, not of inevitable death, but rather of a human life that is cramped and distorted by the pathetic need to offer mindless adulation, or the dismal belief that the laws of nature respond to wailings and incantations."
Hitchens demonstrates once again that atheism is a life-affirming view of the universe, one that puts real life above an imagined promise of the afterlife.

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