Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good News for Atheists: We're Worse than Muslims

Is this a milestone for secularism? A new Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life survey asked evangelical leaders what worried them the most. If you guessed Islam, you guessed wrong. It's secularism!

When asked about major threats to Evangelical Christianity, secularism topped the list at 71%, followed by consumerism (67%), and sex and violence in pop culture (59%). Islam came in a distant fourth at 47%.

(I was amused that the "influence of Catholicism" is also on the list at 10%. I guess these evangelical Christians don't count Catholics among their brethren.)

This is really good news. It means secularism and atheism are making genuine progress around the world. You know you're making a difference when the opposition can't ignore you any more. And when you're their top concern worldwide, it means whatever you're doing is working.

The Pew survey had a few other fascinating gems.
  • The Northern Hemisphere evangelicals are pessimistic whereas their Southern Hemisphere brethren are optimistic. (Wealth and education are bad for Christianity.)
  • 84% disapprove of homosexuality.
  • 79% think it's men's duty to be the religious leaders in marriage and family.
  • Only 3% believe in evolution. (But 41% believe in theistic evolution, also known as Intelligent Design.)
  • 52% believe the End of Times will happen in their lifetimes.
So let's summarize: These Christian leaders don't believe in equality for women, believe that homosexuality is a choice and is sinful, reject science, and think the world is ending.

It seems the only thing they have right is that secularism is a threat to their religion. Amen to that!

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  1. Near as I can tell, Xian fundies *always* think the Rapture will happen in their lifetimes. OK, guys, give the rest of us your worldly possessions, then. I feel that the stats reflect reality, but what are they really based on? How do we know that they really do represent a cross-section of Xian fundie mentality? Just playing devil's advocate (heh, heh). Now off to cut off girls' genitals and stone adulterers to death. Cheerio!


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