Thursday, June 5, 2008

FLDS: The Roar of the Silence

What is this vast conspiracy of silence from all of the legitimate churches? Here we have a small group of men, to all appearances nothing more than pedophiles and wife abusers, and utter SILENCE from America's religious leaders.

Where are the Catholics? The Lutherans? The Baptists? The Mormons? The Angelicans? The Muslims? The Jews? Why hasn't ONE major religious leader in America stood up to these clowns? I want to hear the Pope say, "Hey, wait a second, that's not freedom of religion, they're just hiding behind the skirts of real churches." I want the Southern Baptists to jump up and shout, "They're not following God's teachings!" I want the Lutherans to stand firm and say, "Underage girls are NOT ready for marriage, sex and pregnancy!"

Instead, I hear nothing but silence. What are America's religious leaders afraid of? Afraid of being sued? Afraid to cast the first stone? Churches are supposed to be the bastions of morality. America's churches have been at the very front of some groundbreaking social advances: Voting, women's suffrage, equal rights and much more. Why the silence now?

Speak up! Call these men what they are! Don't let them hide behind your legitimate religious freedoms!