Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sexy Mormon Men? LDS Leaders Hot Under the Collar

Here is an amusing but sad story. Apparently Mormon men can't be depicted as handsome, sexy guys, even in relatively modest attire.

According to the Associated Press, Chris Hardy was summoned to a church disciplinary hearing because of his "conduct unbecoming of a member of the church." His crime? He asked a dozen of the LDS church's brightest and best, young men returning from their missions overseas, to pose for a calendar. The pictures are quite nice, of young men in their prime, shirtless but not indecent at all. It's hard to imagine how anybody could object to these tasteful pictures. Moreover, Hardy's goal was laudable: To portray Mormon missionaries as regular, attractive guys.

Religion and religious institutions such as the LDS are having trouble fighting against rational thought and the discoveries of modern science. When they object to trivial "infractions" like a tasteful male calendar, they just look silly. Instead of focusing on their main message, they become sitting ducks for jokes and ridicule. Why don't these elders just tape a "kick me" sign to their backs?


  1. I think everyone needs to stop worrying about the Mormons and to leave them alone. Honestly, this is pointless. I don't understand why Mormons are being ridiculed. This iis just an example of how dumb you look when you try to ridicule a religion. This is ridiculous! This is the dumbest article I have ever read. Why? Why?

  2. Nothing like a little hyperbole to make your point. Let me guess, anon, I'll bet you are a young Mormon woman.

    The reason that Mormonism can't be left alone is that its origins, like Scientology and other modern religions, and the motivations and dishonesty of its founders, are well documented in the historical records. Whether Jesus was real, whether He said the things he's supposed to have said – we'll never know for certain because there are no eye witnesses one way or the other who wrote down accurate, eyewitness accounts.

    By contrast, the Mormon religion's founders motives, the infighting and the fraud, are all well documented. Just open your eyes and learn for yourself. You'll be horrified if you can truly read about your church with an open mind.


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