Friday, March 25, 2011

Westboro Baptist: A Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor

"No RIP Elizabeth Taylor who spent her life in adultery and enabling proud f-gs. They cuss her in hell today. #Westboro will picket funeral!" That was the tweet sent out by the ultra homophobic gay-bashing Westboro Baptist church according to MSNBC.

If Westboro Baptist is protesting Elizabeth Taylor, it should remind all of us what a goo friend she was to the LGBT community. She used her celebrity status to fight for gay rights and all human rights. She was a relentless fundraiser for HIV/AIDS and raised millions. She also was a huge influence in raising awareness of AIDS and the rights of AIDS victims.

Westboro Baptist is now reviled by just about everyone from the far left to the far right. They're so weird it's hard to find any place for them on the political spectrum.

When you make your enemy so angry that they can't hide it, then you know you're doing the right thing. Westboro Baptist's protest of Elizabeth Taylor's funeral will backfire on them. Their protest is a tribute, not a censure. Elizabeth Taylor's life was complex, but when it came to human rights, she was a true hero.

Goodbye Elizabeth. We'll miss you.


  1. Any attention is good attention for the freaks that are the Westboro Baptist Church.

  2. Awesome. They get free publicity, and a chance to get some money if someone goes Chuck Norris on them.


  3. The more gay people there, the less there is a chance of a newborn kid growing up to join that church! Kudos to Gaia for population control. Curse human mob mentality for not realising that Gaia might not want all of us to breed. The people at that church sure don't need to.

  4. Wait, why would they cuss her in hell? They should be big fans there. After all, that's where all of us liberal atheist "fag-lovers" go, isn't it?


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