Thursday, September 1, 2011

Florida Strippers: Get Ready for the Republicans!

Florida's strippers, exotic dancers and the rest of the crowd in the adult-entertainment industry are getting excited – the Republican National Convention is coming to town!

It seems that America's conservatives (who like to claim the moral high ground) like a good sex show as much as their Democratic opponents. But Republicans have more money! Unlike their Democratic counterparts, the Republicans can actually afford a good lap dance ... or more.

The strip clubs are expecting a huge surge in attendance and have created special private rooms and private entrances for their conservative guests, who have to fly under the radar when it comes to their illicit lust. They're expecting as much as five times their usual business. Clubs that usually close in the wee hours of the morning are going to stay open 24/7.

And the "sex worker" business (formerly known as prostitution) is expecting a 30% increase in revenues. That's based on what happened in Denver and Minneapolis during the last two Republican National Conventions.

Is this the "trickle down" economics that we've heard so much about? Cut taxes, and the wealthy will invest and spend? Wow. Maybe it actually works!

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