Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hey, Sarah, what if God elects Obama?

Sarah Palin is "putting this in God's hands, that the right thing for America will be done at the end of the day on November 4," according to AP.

Wow, governor Palin, that's so amazing, that God has selected YOU. You must be very proud. But I have a few questions for you.

How does God do this? Like, does He stuff the ballot box? Whisper in certain voters' ears until they go crazy and change their minds? Cause car accidents so that Democrats can't make it to the polls? Inquiring minds want to know!

If God decides to elect Obama, will you become a Democrat? If God is intervening in this election, and you lose, wow. That means God says you're wrong! Heavy stuff, to have God slap you down like that. Will that piss you off, or will you gracefully accept God's will?

If you and McCain win, I know God will get the credit, so if you lose, it's only fair that you accept God's message that you are WRONG about everything. Or is this one of those tricks where God gets credit if you win, but Satan takes the blame if you lose? That would make God kind of a wimp, wouldn't it, but at least you and McCain wouldn't have to convert to that evil Democratic party!

So, Governor, I look forward to your reply. You can post your responses here, or ask the Secret Service to get my home address. Or maybe ask God, you seem to be pretty good buddies with Him.


  1. Yup..the moose has certainly shot herself in the foot (once more) with yet another dumb tirade against sense.

    I really hope Obama gets in..

  2. I don't think she means that.

    She just means "let's just vote."

    "put this in God's hand" is a way Christians say "it'll happen as it happens."

    I hope.

    Unless she really believes Dinosaurs walked the earth with humans.

  3. Well, the election has been and gone and guess what? God let the evil 'anti-Christ' Obama win. I'd love to know how she explains that one away? :-)


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