Monday, November 10, 2008

When Gay Marriage Was a Christian Rite

It turns out the Roman Catholic church has, once again, ignored the historical evidence and censored history, in order to support its current homophobic and hypocritical stance on gay marriage. A family member forwarded this fascinating article to me:
When Same-Sex Marriage Was a Christian Rite
The article describes how down through most of the history of the Roman Catholic Church, there were many instances of church-sanctioned homosexual marriages, including a marriage between two Roman saints, St Sergius and Saint Bacchus.

Contrary to the Church's revised version of history, the truth is that the Roman Catholic church has a long history of tolerance and even celebration of homosexual love and marriage. Records of same-sex marriages have been discovered throughout the Christian world, including in the records of the Vatican itself.

Unfortunately, the Roman Catholic Church, and Christian denominations in general, have a long history of revising the facts, and an amazing ability to get people to swallow their altered history as truth.


  1. The ceremony practiced most often by the Eastern Orthodox sect was called, Adelphopoiesis or adelphopoiia -- literally "brother-making". Though many will claim there was no sexual implications - history begs to differ.

  2. More rewriting of history. Anything, including lying, to further a cause.

  3. linky no more worky

  4. Thanks, anon, I found it again and fixed the link.

  5. Well, I was. And I had things I was called into the bishop's office for and lectured over. Somehow, I made it through OK. I never got the kind of vibe you are describing. The sort of hatred you are voicing is simply not that common in the LDS Church. I have not seen this kind of hatred - not against any group of people.

  6. Linky still no worky. Do you have a cached copy of the article you can post under fair use?

  7. Mr. James, this proves my point. You believe the Catholic Church is now Homophobic and bigoted and feeds on hatred of Homosexuals, but also that it ignores its own past because it use to celebrate Homosexual Love by Homosexual Marriages. But as another poster mentioned, that’s simply not True.

    Cultures in the past were very different form our own, and the firs mistake in our understanding is to assume that close relationships that were solemnised by Ritual must have been Sexual. Another poster even said that people like me would come along saying nothing sexual happened but cast doubt in this. But why is there doubt? What evidence do we have that a Brother Making ceremony ended with people jumping into bed together?

    The big problem with the St. Bacchus and Sergius example is that its not even that, its two Roman Soldiers who were martyred over their belief in Christ. Little else is known of them other than they died together.

    The painting of them in, ahem, “wedding attire” was painted centuries later, so even if it was attempting to show a same sex marriage its simply absurd to conclude it is evidence. Worse still is that that’s not what’s depicted at all. Rather, its depicting Heavenly rewards, showing them in the White Robes Traditionally associated with Heaven.

    To simply jump on the bandwagon because you happen to prefer to believe something undermines the “More rational than thou” image you want to project.

  8. The conventional definition of “philosophy” is the love of wisdom. However,“wisdom” is a difficult term to define because one may not know what constitutes wisdom and whose wisdom we are talking about. Wisdom is found in every
    culture and no single culture can claim to possess the ultimate answer and knowledge. In the past, philosophers were considered to be the know it all people. And, I have been personally accused of being that person.

    I know from experience that a liberal arts degree simply makes one desirable at parties where they can mix and discuss virtually anything and make it sound professional.

    I will never forget a teaching environment that I found myself in, I took over a class from a very well known professor, as he took a sabbatical from the post-grads and pre-doc genius' that infested his forum. Most of their preconceptions concerning what they described as "philosophy"...was simply imagination without observation or interpretation.

    The problem we have here is an atheist trying his best to prove there is no god. The word atheist is rooted in the ancient Greek word ἄθεος (atheos), meaning "without god". It was used in ancient times to describe anyone that refuted the idols. The belief in implicit atheism refers to "the absence of theistic belief without a conscious rejection of it" and explicit atheism refers to the more common definition of conscious disbelief.

    Your attitude is remarkable. Any philosopher would worth his "salt" would go out of his way to study everything he could get, both positive and negative, good or bad, agreed with or opposed to; simply to have all the facts before penning an opinion.

    It all reminds me of my aging step-father. He sees all that computers have done for mankind, but holds onto the belief that such a thing cannot work!

    K.E. McBride, PhD

  9. Dr. McBride - I can't figure out what you are refuting. There is nothing in this thread about trying to prove there is no god, nor is that something I have ever attempted or advocated. It's not up to atheists to disprove the amazing and unsupported claims of the existence of a supernatural being. Atheism is the default position, and it's up to theists to provide evidence for their startling claims.

    The real problem is that children are indoctrinated with theistic claims so early and so thoroughly that they aren't startled by stories of the supernatural. They don't realize that these claims of supernatural gods are quite extreme. They just assume that their amazing claims are true, then call on atheists to disprove them. But that's now how science or philosophy works, is it?

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