Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Hallelujah! Christians can Legally Discriminate!

(Note to my readers: This article was originally a parody, but I decided it was over the top, and have withdrawn it. Here is a short note about the original news article.)

It seems there's a way to be exempt from normal laws prohibiting discrimination: Become a church! The California Appeals Court ruled that it's OK for churches to discriminate, because "as a private, religious organization" churches are exempt from normal laws prohibiting discrimination. Unlike other businesses, religions don't have to follow these laws that are supposed to protect minorities.

It seems a two girls at a Christian high school admitted to being in love and having a relationship, and were booted from the school. The court's ruling was apparently designed to be narrow; by declaring that a religious school is not a business, they can exempt the school. Unfortunately, this also exempts the school from ALL laws about discrimination.


  1. I have an idea for a different title. How about, Hallelujah! Church and State Remain Separate! May I remind you, freedom works both ways. True tolerance includes being tolerant of the intolerant. Mull that over for a while.

  2. Anon - You didn't even address my main point. Do you think it's OK for a Christian high school to be given the legal right to discriminate? To be exempt from all of the civil rights progress made over the last 100 years? This ruling didn't just apply to homosexuality, it applies to discrimination on the basis of race, religion, lifestyle ... you name it. The court gave the Christian church carte blanche to make up its own rules.

    And don't argue that "Well, they wouldn't do that." There are plenty of neo-Nazi groups that claim to be Christian, and by these rules, they could open a high school and exclude Blacks, Jews, Mexicans, Chinese, Japanese ... anyone they wanted.

    And there's another issue I don't get. Aren't Christians supposed to "love the sinner, hate the sin"? Why didn't the high school keep these two girls, and try to teach them Christian morals?

    I'd wager a good sum that these two girls are completely alienated from Jesus and Christianity at this point. It's fine with me, but I'd think Christians would be sorry for this loss of two young souls.

  3. There is nothing new in this decision. the Civil rights act of 1964 title VII specifically exempts: Religious groups performing work connected to the group's activities, including associated education institutions.


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