Thursday, February 19, 2009

Criminals at the Heart of Mormonism: Under the Banner of Heaven

I'm only three disks into the five-disk audio book, Under the Banner of Heaven, about the Mormon Church, and already I'm shocked beyond belief at the sordid history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS Church, aka Mormons). The crimes committed by the LDS church founders are horrifying, and well documented. Forget, for a moment, about Joseph Smith's obvious fraud that became the Book of Mormon. Even if you can swallow that unbelievable bit of hocus pocus, the crimes committed by the Mormon "prophets" are beyond what any decent person can accept.

Polygamous marriages don't bother me, if it's all between consenting adults, who cares? But that's not what the "apostles" of the church did. No, they received "revelations" from God that they should rape girls as young as twelve, under the guise of "marriage." Except that these marriages were not voluntary, and were not between adults.

The crime that practically knocked my off my chair was the Mountain Meadow Massacre, in which a wagon train of pioneers – roughly 120 men, women and children – were mercilessly slaughtered by the Mormons. Only children under the age of eight, "two young to be reliable witnesses," were spared. The story is complex and accounts vary, but there is no doubt that Brigham Young was directly involved and at least partly responsible for the massacre.

Whether Young directly ordered the attack (which would make him a mass murdered) or not is in dispute. But his actions after the fact are still despicable: He desecrated the grave site of the dead. When he visited the Mountain Meadow and saw the stone monument that covered the grave of the victims, Brigham Young had the monument destroyed, saying, "Vengeance is mine, and I have had a little."

These were not evil people, or even enemies of the Mormon Church. They were simply Arkansas people passing through Utah at an unfortunate time, who happened to have a lot of money, valuable cattle, and a top racehorse, in their possession. The Mormons were nothing more than murders and thieves.

How anyone can worship at a church that has this criminal, evil man as one of its prophets is beyond understanding.


  1. The LDS Church has long ago published a response to Mr. Krakauer's book.

    You can read it (along with other linked resources) here:

    It's only fair to hear both sides of the story before making conclusions.

    1. The LDS church has a long history of lying its ass off. Of course, that makes it nothing special in the scheme of things. The difference between LDS and Christianity is all of the LDS murders happened within the last couple of hundred years.

  2. Seth, you'll notice that I never said Brigham Young ordered the murder. There was strong evidence that he was involve from the beginning, but it was never proved.

    Even giving Young the benefit of the doubt about the massacre, his actions after the massacre were inexcusable. A "man of God" would have deplored the murders loudly and with great publicity, would have actively pursued everyone involved, would have seen that justice was served, by finding and arresting the many dozens of men involved in the mass murder of innocents.

    Instead, Brigham Young desecrated their memories by scattering the stones of their memorial, and only then making his statement about finally getting some vengence. The Mormon Church doesn't dispute these facts.

    How, under any interpretation, can these immoral actions be reconciled with the fact that he is revered by Mormons? Why does this man, who should be disgraced an infamous, have his name on the Mormon Church's flagship university?

  3. People are always a mixture of good and bad. Brigham Young was no exception. And I don't think prophets (assuming you believe in prophets to begin with) are any exception either.

  4. These are a couple more to add to the list of atrocities performed in the name of religion.
    To quote Bill Maher:
    "Religion is dangerous because it allows human beings who don’t have all the answers to think that they do. Most people would think it’s wonderful when someone says “I’m willing Lord, I’ll do what ever you want me to do”. Except that since there are no gods actually talking to us, that void is filled in by people, with their own corruptions and limitations and agendas."

  5. I suppose it's a question of whether religion has corrupted people, or whether people have corrupted religion.

  6. Where was anti-psychotic medication when you needed it eh?

    Brigham Young clearly had mental health issues.

  7. Ummm, Wigan... you were aware that Brigham Young did do one or two more things in life than simply annihilate a wagon train and marry some women, right?

  8. Sure! He claimed to have been visited by Mormon!

    Time to take the tablets methinks!

  9. Uh... No.

    That would be Joseph Smith. Different dude.

  10. My mistake..

    He was just the bigamist with a penchant for white supremacy.

    Joseph Smith needed the meds.

  11. The crimes of mormonism(complete moronism?)still have not changed any since the wagon train massacre of 1858.They continue to stay true to the criminal nature of their prophet Joseph Smith.

    People in states like Idaho and Utah(prediminately mormon)are radical WRONG-wing conservative extremist criminal thugs who hate and despise the poor and homeless......completely the opposite of what the true christian teachings of Christ was about.The poor are treated absolutely terrible while wealthy criminals above the law are allowed to get away with practically anything.Especially if they are wealthy mormons.

    The Clinton Sex scandal was masterminded by a wealthy mormon billionaire of Boise,Idaho.The wealthy J.R. Simplot family and the Mormons continue to be nothing but organized criminal scum true to the nature of Joseph Smith.These extremely arrogant conservative criminals are also responsible for endless other crimes,like domestic terrorism and anthrax attacks made to look like islamic extremists or Bruce Ivins was the culprit.They have infiltrated the highest levels of government,including the crooked F.B.I. and phony Injustice Department.They have an endless number of crooked cops and corrupt government officials in cahoots with them.They destroy entire lives of others with mafia-style discrimination,harassment and psychiatric slander and libel.

    Their ultimate goal is to takeover the entire U.S.A. and convert it into a theocratic fascist religious state.They are very close to accomplishing their goals.The end justifies the means,because they consider themselves the only true religion.Their extreme arrogance knows no bounds.

    Wealthy conservative criminals like the kind from Boise,Idaho and all the arrogant,corrupt cops and government officials in cahoots with them can do no wrong.

    I'm not quite so much an athiest as I am what you would call an agnostic.I don't know for sure whether such a thing as hell exists or not.But if by chance it does,many of these Boise,Idaho people......including Simplot deutsce bag scum of the earth......and all the arrogant,corrupt scoundrels involved with them......most certainly belong there.

    Bottom line:The Mormons and all the extremely arrogant radical WRONG-wing conservative criminals and corrupt scoundrels involved with them are an EXTREMELY DANGEROUS CRIMINAL ORGANIZATION ! ! !

    And I know that these brain-dead morons will routinely come onto the internet to supply all sorts of lies,false arguments and rebuttals in an attempt to do damage control.But it's no use them even trying,because the CAT IS ALREADY OUT OF THE BAG ,and their crimes and abuses reek and literally stink all the way from here to eternity ! ! !

  12. Nobody needs citation.First-hand experience with the extreme arrogance of these conservative organized crime thugs is plenty enough for me.

  13. And just like I predicted,they will continue their absolutely useless folly of attempting to do damage control over the internet.Even long after the CAT IS ALREADY OUT OF THE BAG.

    Like I said before:no citation needed.I know what all I have experienced first-hand and all the crimes committed against me...... and that's all that really counts.Other people's opinions or closed-minded assumptions don't count for diddy-squat.

    If the Mormons were truly honest in wanting to truly reform and to clean-up their bad immage and reputation,they would stop harboring and supporting arrogant rich criminals above the law like the kind we see in ultra-conservative places like Boise,Idaho.

    Their crimes,corruption and federal racketeering goes all the way to the highest levels of government.And don't anybody try and tell me that I don't know who really instigated the Clinton Sex Scandal or the domestic biological terror attacks of anthrax through the mail aimed specifically at Democrats......because I do.

    Like I say,what I know to be true is the only thing that really counts.I don't care what anybody else believes or thinks.

  14. "what I know to be true is the only thing that really counts.I don't care what anybody else believes or thinks."

    ... But that's what the nice boys in suits who showed up at my door said.


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