Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Scientology finally prosecuted in France

At last some good news about the "church" called Scientology: They're being put on trial for criminal fraud in France.

I've written about Scientology before, especially their crazy, misinformed attitudes about psychiatry. Anybody who can form a rational opinion can easily deduce that Scientology is nothing but a money-making corporation, and their business is taking money off gullible people under the guise of religion.

Well, the French government finally had the courage to call a spade a spade: Several Scientologists stand accused of organized fraud, and ironically (given their strident claims that psychiatrists over-prescribe medication) they're also accused of illegally prescribing medicine. France doesn't categorize Scientology as a religion, so they have no special protection.

Yet, this makes me wonder: Why should any church enjoy special protection anywhere? Why is it that by claiming to be a church in the United States, a business can enjoy a tax-free status, special insulation against lawsuits, and immunity from all sorts of criminal charges?

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