Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hate Speech in Christ's Name

It's pleasant to stay in my own insular world, read like-minded blogger's opinions, and feel good about the slow but steady enlightenment that's taking place. But every now and then, I force myself to dig into the other side's writings and make sure I'm not getting a false sense of progress. And it doesn't take much digging...

Today I ran into one that just boggles the mind. It's called The Most Dangerous of Satan's Lies, and that "lie" is, of course, evolution itself.

I can understand (but not agree with) people who don't believe in evolution. But this fellow steps over the line into hate speech. He equates evolution with Satan, the most reviled figure in Christianity. Since all evil originated from Satan, it appears that scientists are nothing more than Satan's tools. Forget all of the great discoveries in medicine, technology, psychology, and so much more. Forget that most scientists are dedicated, honest men and women trying to make the world a better place. No, none of that matters. The blogger sweeps all of that aside and makes them nothing more than puppets of an evil puppet master.

Here's the core of his argument:
Evolution Destroys the Gospel

The most cleverly disguised attack on the Gospel of the Bible wears a scientist's lab coat. The Secular Worldview and its engine: evolution, contradict the gospel's definition of death. ... there can only be one truthful explanation for the origin and nature of this very physical, very human experience called death. Evolution's redefinition of death shows its real target -the Gospel. The fiction that for millions of generations living things died and became extinct before first man appeared and thus before original sin, cannot be reconciled with the Biblical definition of death. Scripture does not allow death to be passed off as merely a natural end to life. Suffering and death are nonnegotiable elements of the Gospel.
In other words, if it contradicts the Bible, it must be wrong. Never mind that the Bible contradicts itself throughout, and that many "facts" in the Bible are plainly wrong. Never mind that the Bible's authors wrote over two thousand years ago, and humankind's knowledge has expanded exponentially since then.

The author of this blog goes on to the real heart of the matter: If evolution is true, Christianity is false. Christ could not have died to atone for "original sin" if there was none. Therefore, science and Christianity are mutually exclusive, and (the blogger claims) Christianity must be true.

The tiresome part of all of this is that it rests on one unproven and unprovable assumption: that the Bible is right. With utterly no foundation, this blogger, and so many others, extrapolate that all of science is wrong.

It's certainly my dose of reality for the day.


  1. This blogger is correct in observing the either / or aspect of science vs. literalist biblical fundamentalism. Unfortunately they always pick the wrong one of the two since their world view is disconnected from evidence-based thought systems. When you already know the conclusion there's not much point in looking at evidence.

  2. rationalresp0nderJune 5, 2009 at 1:52 PM

    This is not a matter of Science vs Religion. There is a well known movement known as the Intelligent Design (I.D) movement and many of its front runners (who are theists) are Nobel Prize Winners in their fields of science, math, biology ect. There are extremely intelligent and well respected persons on both sides of the debate between Atheism and Theism. Mark Smith a well known atheist debater and blogger warns against such foolishness of assuming the intellectual high ground. Check out his controversial comment endorsing William Lane Craig.


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