Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Court Takes Daughter Away from Christian Bigot

Christianity has many wonderful teachings, but its intolerance meme is not one of them. The so-called "evangelical" version of Christianity teaches hate and bigotry.

Today, it's a mother who can't see her own child, because the other mother (they were lesbians, legally married in Vermont) converted to evangelical Christianity, rejected her former lifestyle, and refused to let her divorced partner see their child. The Court ordered visitation, the biological mother refused, and in exasperation, the Court had to take custody away from the biological mother completely. Sadly, the woman's Christian bigotry was so strong that rather than obey the Court and the law of the land, the biological mother stole the daughter away and disappeared.

I can understand someone who has a change of heart about their sexual orientation, or adopts a new religion, or both. But I suspect in this case there's something more sinister afoot: I'd lay odds that her fellow Christians encouraged her lawless behavior (which is probably a criminal act in itself). They believe that the lesbian lifestyle is so hateful that it's justified to break the law, and your own promises to your former partner.

Why must these conservative Christians be so hateful of other people's lifestyles? This is not true Christianity, and I hope real Christians across the nation condemn this act, and all acts of intolerance and bigotry.


  1. Absolutely disgraceful - I agree that her fellow believers would have helped her do this.

  2. I am curious why you think this is not true Christianity. It certainly is not modern day liberal Christianity, but I don't see why that should be the only true form.

    I think you are looking at it from the wrong point of view. The evangelical was not just trying to hurt her lesbian expartner, she was trying to protect her daughter from a corrupting force that could lead her to an eternity of suffering.

    Think of it from her perspective. If you really think hell is a real place in the afterlife, and that engaging in certain behavior will result in your child being sent there. What wouldn't you do to prevent that? What wouldn't you do if your child was at risk of an eternity of suffering? Your ex-partners wicked ways have already damned her to hell, would you let her drag your child there also?

    The problem is not moral bankrupcy, the problem is the woman has an extremely distorted view on reality and takes this view seriously. This is the result of people taking their dogma seriously.

  3. I have to agree with Anon - seems exactly Christian to me.


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