Monday, February 15, 2010

Christians and Science CAN Get Along

I like to find the more outrageous stories, the ones about Creationists who try to censor science in our school textbooks, or force their ancient morality on modern Christians and others. But today, I was pleased to find an article about mainstream Christianity, one that shows that you don't have to choose between religion and science. You can have both.

The Clergy Letter Project is gathering letters from thousands of Christian pastors, all asserting that science and their faith are not incompatible. As of today, they have over 12,000 signatures from Christians clergy, as well as 600 rabbis and Universalist ministers. That's a lot of clergy!

Not only that, they've sponsored special events for Evolution Weekend since 2005.

Sadly, the Christian Post, where the article appears, felt it necessary to quote, at length, a Christian minister who asserted in no uncertain terms that those who believe in evolution can't possibly be true Christians.
But we can hope that organizations like The Clergy Letter will have some impact, that they can perhaps slow or reverse some of the damage being done to our society and our children's future by the Creationists. If we leave it to the Creationists, we'll be back in the stone age pretty soon.

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