Thursday, May 13, 2010

Fantastic Organization: Secular Coalition for America

Last night I had the great pleasure of meeting Sean Faircloth, president of the Secular Coalition for America.

It's easy to be apathetic about religion and secularism. Most of us secularists and agnostics have pretty good lives. Religion can be annoying but it rarely causes us real harm. So why worry? Why be activists?

Because it matters. Sean gave an electrifying talk about some of the awful things that are being done in the name of religion.
  • A number of children have been killed by incompetent day-care workers because church-run day-care centers are exempt from state inspections and regulations.
  • Numerous children have died horrible, agonizing deaths from simple, curable diseases, because of their parents' religious beliefs.
  • Our soldiers face terrible discrimination and hostility from fellow soldiers if they happen to be atheist, agnostic, Jewish or Islamic
  • Science in our schools is being gutted and diluted with creationism which, if allowed to continue, will turn America into a technological backwater in the next twenty years.
The list goes on and on, story after story of how the religious right is trampling on the rights of secularists, Jews, Muslims, agnostics, and even liberal Christians and damaging our society's future.

The Secular Coalition of America is out there fighting for us. And not just for secularists, but for the religious freedom of all Americans.

But they need your vote. As Sean put it, when a lobbyist comes into a congressman's office, the congressman looks for two things: A bag of money on one shoulder, and a bag of votes on the other shoulder. If you're inclined to donate money, great! But if nothing else, add your vote to that "bag of votes" on the shoulders of the Secular Coalition of America by joining their mailing list today. Here's how:
Sign up for Action Alerts by email from the Atheist Coalition of America
Do it today! Make a difference!


  1. "Religion can be annoying but it rarely causes us real harm." Um, that was gentle.

  2. I agree about the incompetent day care workers. I've seen day care workers in faith-based facilities do horrible things to the children in their care. The women scream at the kids, they "thwack" them with their index finger and thumb on the head (so the mark can't been seen through their hair), they put Tabasco sauce on the kids' tongues, and they scare the kids with empty threats. It's immoral what's going on in some of these faith-based centers. I'm sure that the workers are hitting the kids, but they do it behind closed doors and they lie when they're confronted with the accusations.


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