Wednesday, April 6, 2011

An Honest Christian: Faith in Jesus Christ is not at all logical

Here is a great quote from a Christian schoolteacher who is the advisor for her school's Christian club. When asked whether her club and the student atheist club should get together to discuss their beliefs, Mrs. Karen Harrell had this to say:
"My reaction is faith in Jesus Christ is not at all logical. When your beliefs are based on faith, you're believing something you can't see. Being able to prove that scientifically in a debate – it could be hard to win."
I have to confess that Mrs. Harrell may be the most honest Christian I've heard in a long time. I have a great deal of respect for her straight-ahead assertion of faith. Seriously.

I don't share Mrs. Harrell's beliefs, and I think she might find it enlightening to participate in that discussion with the student atheist group. But Mrs. Harrell is an honest Christian, one who has a strong faith. She doesn't pretend it's based on science or that other religions aren't valid. She just has faith in Jesus Christ and is honest enough to admit it.

The Christians who bug me are the hypocrites and liars, the ones who try to twist science and history so that it "proves" that Christianity is right. It's perfectly honest to accept something on faith and to admit it's nothing more than faith. But Christians who try to use logic and science to prove that their religion is true get no respect from me. It shows me that their faith is really not that strong at all. It shows me that they're questioning the foundations of Christianity, that they know their faith is on shaky ground. They need science to validate their beliefs because their beliefs can't stand on their own.

Christians and all people of faith should take a lesson from Mrs. Harrell. Either you believe or you don't. Your religion isn't based on logic, historical research, or science. It's based on faith.


  1. Hi Craig. I am a high school math teacher and have been pondering over an atheist club at my school. Any tips on the politics?

  2. curious cuber – I suggest you check out the Secular Student Alliance. They have all sorts of resources and are an umbrella organization for clubs like yours. Hemant Mehta over at The Friendly Atheist is the head of the national organization. They do great work.

  3. Hello Craig!

    You wrote: "Your religion isn't based on logic, historical research, or science. It's based on faith."

    A big reason to why I hold on to my religion is because that there is a logical proof based on scientific premises for the existence of a Creator; and also logical reasons for Torah being the Instruction Manual of the Orderly and Super-Intelligent Creator to mankind [Logical proof

  4. Anders – Unfortunately, your proof has been shown to be logically false many times. It is based on some hidden assumptions that you haven't addressed. For details, here is a complete refutation at Iron Chariots. They have many other articles that refute all of the other "proofs" of God's existence and other "proofs" of religion.

    The bottom line is that every single proof turns out to be wrong. Either you accept God's existence on faith, or you're an agnostic or atheist. There is no other choice.


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