Thursday, December 10, 2009

Green is a Conspiracy to Overthrow Christianity!

Damn, we've been caught! Cliff Kincaid over at Right Side News finally saw through our ruse, to the true purpose of the green movement and environmentalism: It's just a cover to subvert Christianity and begin "the reconstruction of a pagan world order."

Wow, and I thought environmentalism was about ... the environment! You know, trying to ensure that there's something left for my grandchildren besides a hot, stinking mess. But ol' Cliff set me straight:
... these forces "have infiltrated Christian higher education by careful placement of teachers and teaching materials on environmental activism in [Christian] schools... Many of these schools are conservative in politics or theology. What they teach ... will surprise their supporters. ... Little by little wolves try to douse Christian resistance and lead sheep by troubled waters to accept the inevitability of a divine environmental movement.
And if that's not enough to convince you, consider this:
...attempts by Church leaders and Christian organizations to synthesize a Christian environmentalism can succeed "only by exorcising truth, and ultimately, by expelling Christianity..."
In other words, Christianity and environmentalism are incompatible.

According to Kincaid, environmentalism is nothing more than a new religion (I wish it were so, maybe it would have a chance!)
[Environmentalism] is a religion with a vision of sin and repentance, heaven and hell. It even has a special vocabulary, with words like 'sustainability' and 'carbon neutral.' Its communion is organic food. Its sacraments are sex, abortion, and when all else fails, sterilization. Its saints are Al Gore and the InterGovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
If only it were true. Religious memeplexes are, without a doubt, the most persuasive and persistent in history. Hey, maybe Kincaid has something there. Maybe I'll be the founder of The Church of Green, and I'll be its Pope! Hey, Saint Al, you ready?


  1. i'll agree with you that this is utterly stupid on a number of levels(even as a christian), but the whole green movement is, I believe, just a way for you to spend more money on stuff that you dont need, that doesnt work all that well. And this is coming from a perspective of my construction and rehab background. BOGUS!

  2. This idea is gaining potency in the radical right christian circles as a talking point to defend their anti-nature religious views by a vigorous attack mode. Environmentalism is a philosophical perspective that all can embrace and, for myself as a Pagan, is actually a part of my religion. The irony is that calling environmentalism a "religion" as a way of diminishing its value leaves open christianity to the same criticism. Remember, while christianity has caused millennia of suffering, environmentalism has provided clean water, clean air, less use of chemicals in our food production, and less use of limited fossil fuels. Judge a religion on its results!

  3. I'm sure when the world is, as it was so aptly put, a "hot, stinking mess" they will enjoy their victory dance


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