Saturday, December 19, 2009

How to Enslave a Modern Woman

My brother-in-law posted a beautiful, inspirational video called The Invisible Woman by Nicole Johnson. It really is a very moving story ... and I despise it. It illustrates perfectly how religion is used to subjugate women.

Karl Marx got many things wrong, but he famously wrote, "Religion is the opiate of the people." The message is simple:
You work your ass off, and nobody cares. But God cares, and He sees you even if you are everyone else's invisible servant. So be a good girl, accept your fate, and get back to work.
But no woman should take this crap from anyone, much less her own husband and children. It is wrong to be treated like dirt, yet this "God cares" message is nothing more than an opiate, designed to get women to shut up and get back to their tasks.

What horrifies me about these messages is how insideous and alluring they are. A woman works sixteen hours a day, her children, husband and friends are disrespectful and uninterested, and she begins to feel worthless. But wait! There's a man, not just any man, but a kindly, loving, fatherly man, who loves her with all his heart. This man is everything her husband and children are not – appreciative, admiring, concerned, thankful, and probably handsome too. Who wouldn't want to believe this, true or not? So she goes back to her chores, happy that at least one person cares about her.

But step back for a moment, and think what might happen if women around the world rejected this opiate. Instead of feeling that inner contentment, knowing that God cares, some would surely become more depressed than ever. But maybe some would actually do something about their mistreatment.

Maybe instead of being invisible, they'd demand the respect that they deserve. And maybe they'd actually get it. Wouldn't that be novel?


  1. Thank you for this. This puts into words something I've thought for a long time.

  2. This tale is not heartwarming at all.

    The labourers who worked on these churches didn't make personal sacrifices, as she says with a beatific, empty smile, they were slaves for crying out loud! They had no choice! It was build or starve, or get beaten to death!

    Utter claptrap and over romanticising.

  3. Looks like your website is under attack from supernatural forces…

    you really need to add comment moderation to your blasphemy…

  4. That is so sad. Thanks for sharing.


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