Saturday, December 26, 2009

Foul Language

When you write a blog, it's there for all the world to see ... friends, enemies, strangers ... and family. And sometimes you discover your readers unexpectedly, like when over Christmas dinner your Mom gives you grief about using strong language!

She reminded me (and of course, she's right) that any time you want to use a word that some might find objectionable or course, there's almost alway a better, and even more powerful, way to express the same thing. So from now on, I'm going to endeavour to do so.

So Joe Lieberman, I'm sorry I called you a bad name. I should have been more clear: you're an arrogant, ignorant, insensitive jerk who should retire from politics.


  1. There's nothing wrong with calling a spade a spade though, so many people want speech to be politically correct so that it doesn't offend anyone, honestly I think that's a serious problem. Some people need to be offended. Some people aren't going to understand the flowery, non-offensive language, they're going to take insults to their position as the most positive euphemism they can. Many arguments, especially religious arguments, simply do not deserve the latitude that politically correct language allows, criticism of such needs to be direct and to the point. If you allow them wiggle room, they'll wiggle like epileptic chihuahuas on speed.

    I'd much prefer direct language that doesn't confuse even the least mentally-gifted reader.


    you really need to add comment moderation to your blasphemy…

    these fools try to use science to destroy every mystery in the universe…BUT NOT THIS ONE!!!

  3. "any time you want to use a word that some might find objectionable or course, there's almost alway a better, and even more powerful, way to express the same thing"

    I have to disagree. There is no better more descriptive word than fuck. It has expanded the visionary aspect the English language immensely. Don't be afraid to use it due to useless social limitations. As a person of reason you should be beyond such trivial delusions.

  4. Anyone that that uses such language degrades themselves. When I hear someone speak like that I immediately lose interest.

  5. Laurel, I admire your strict moral stance, but don't share your view.

    One of the weirdest oddities in our society, a sort of "group secret," is that most people, probably well over half, use "foul language" on a regular basis. They just know not to do so when people who don't approve are around. The net result is that there's a giant conspiracy, where a few people think that foul language is rare, but most people use it daily. I work in a highly-educated workforce of scientists and engineers, I have a highly-educated family with good jobs, yet I can hardly think of one of them who won't use foul language occasionally.

    Foul language is only "foul" because someone told you it is. Why is "f--k" worse than "intercourse"? Why is "s--t" worse than "excrement" or "poop"? Why is "c--t" worse than "vagina"? These words all mean exactly the same thing.

    If you ever get a chance, rent the movie "Lenny" starring Dustin Hoffman. It's REALLY good no matter how you feel about foul language, and it might change your view on this topic.


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