Friday, July 16, 2010

Bee Attack is God's Wrath Against Homosexuals!

Sometimes I have to dig for fun blog topics, and sometimes they're in my own back yard!

Last weekend, a colony of bees decided to swarm, something bees have been doing for millions of years and if we're lucky, will continue doing for millions of years. In the process, a couple of kids got stung. Just like millions of other kids, including me. So far, no story.

Unless you're James Hartline, an evangelical Christian nutjob who lives right here in San Diego. According to Hartline, those bees were doing God's work! You see, there happened to be a gay-rights parade that day, and Lemon Grove is "the location of ever increasing homosexual activism." Hartline reports that this gay invasion has been met by an "appalling silence by an anti-semitic replacement theology." I guess the gays are moving in, the local churches aren't protesting enough, so God had to send His army of bees to sting a couple of kids!

That'll show 'em!


  1. Craig,

    Please keep these coming; this is awesome, for one simply cannot make this stuff up.

  2. Hi Craig,

    Here's another perfect example of religious intolerance. And religious people wonder why atheists hate them, go figger...

  3. It would be funny it not tragic.....actually, yes it is very funny!!!

  4. You guys are the sickest pigs I've ever even seen/heard/read about. You preach hate. Yes, that is what you're doing. You are no way preaching god at all. God is all about love. He creates all life on Earth including gays, and he wishes you to treat them equally as each one another. You are preaching hate in the name of God and you call yourselves Christians? A disgrace to humanity and to Christianity .


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