Monday, July 26, 2010

More Bad News in Louisiana: Intelligent Design in the Classrooms

As if hurricanes and BP oil spills aren't enough, now there's another new calamity headed for Louisiana. The School Board of Livingston Parish wants to include "intelligent design" into their science curriculum.

So Louisiana's biggest city is destroyed by a hurricane, their coastline is fouled by the largest oil spill in U.S. history, and now they want to foul the minds of their children by crippling their educations.

If this measure passes, two things will happen. First, the future scientist children of this parish, the ones who might really have something to contribute to humanity's welfare, will be seriously handicapped when they try to go to college. They'll either be relegated to second-class colleges, or they'll have to do a lot of catch-up work to be on par with other students who learned real science.

Second, this is certain to spark a lawsuit, since it is in fact unconstitutional to teach Intelligent Design in public schools.

What a waste. The school board could be spending its money educating its children in real science, but no. They want to teach two-thousand-year-old mythology wrapped up in pseudo science, and to spend their money fighting the inevitable high-cost lawsuit that will come from parents who feel that their children deserve a real education.

The Livingston Parish school board ought to respect the United States Constitution.

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