Saturday, August 30, 2008

Sarah Palin: McCain is Going Down!

I applaud McCain's VP choice, Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, as his choice for vice president, because she is going guarantee McCain's defeat! Nice work, Senator McCain!

Sarah Palin is the worst vice president candidate in recent memory. We can ignore her utter lack of relevant experience – that's like shooting fish in a barrel. No, the real issues are her opposition to virtually every ethical advance we've made as a society over the last few decades. She opposes gay/lesbian rights, opposes abortion rights, and in spite of heart-wrenching stories last week of starving polar bears swimming 25 miles in the open ocean looking desperately for food, she opposes adding them to the endangered-species list, and instead wants to drill, drill, drill for more of Alaska's oil, so we can melt more polar ice and kill the rest of the bears.

As if that's not enough, Gov. Palin has advocated teaching creationism alongside evolution! George Bush ... well, his IQ is somewhere in the modest double digits, so maybe a basic understanding of obvious scientific facts is just too much for the poor man. But Sarah Palin appears to be an otherwise intelligent woman, in spite of her conservative agenda.

One can only hope that Sarah Palin at least believes in woman's rights and equality for all races. Given the rest of her neocon views, one has to wonder...

(Shameless commercial: It's another example of just how highly evolved and infectious the religion virus is. Only now, after years of research and thought, do I finally understand how intelligent people get infected with these ideas, and why the ideas are so hard to kill.)

As far as I can tell, Sarah Palin is a typical victim of religion's Anti-Rationalism Meme, one of religion's best tricks. The Anti-Rationalism Meme convinces "the faithful" that faith, not logic, is the road to truth. If logic and rational thought lead to a conclusion that disagrees with the Bible, then faith wins.

Anyone with an open, rational mind who visits Alaska can't help but marvel at the raw power of nature, and the overwhelming evidence against creationism. Glacial valleys that took millions of years to form, stately mountains that have stood guard for tens of millions of years, volcanos that laid down layer after layer after layer, recording history in their lava ... the evidence is all there, laid out in its raw beauty. How anyone can live in such magnificence, and still think the Earth was created just 6,000 years ago, staggers the mind.

No, sorry Senator McCain, your "surprise" choice of Sarah Palin, which you hoped would make you look progressive, is going to backfire. Sarah Palin's views on women's reproductive choice, gay/lesbian issues, and the environment, all inspired by her infection with religion virus memes, will be your downfalling.

You'd almost think the Democrats had picked McCain's running mate for him!


  1. I wish I could say that I was confident that Palin would be the downfall of McCain, but sometimes it seems like the more ignorant you are, the more votes you get.

  2. Everyone might want to do a little more background research on Mrs. Palin and her “religion”, whose answers to questions on the subject so far have been vague and misleading...

    If one digs just a bit deeper, Palin is found to have some very interesting–and very disturbing–connections…among them, being potentially the first Assemblies-linked VP candidate and having a number of links to dominionist groups targeting kids via “bait and switch” evangelism.

    The first link in and of itself is a doozy. No less than the official newsletter of the Assemblies of God of Alaska promotes her proudly as one of the denomination’s own, and she was actually feted at an official function of the Assemblies’ Alaska District as recently as this year.

    And this church is definitely a “Joel’s Army” church, where cell churches are promoted (of the same sort that are linked to short-term and longterm psychological damage and are among the most coercive tactics ever documented in spiritually abusive groups).

    The church, like a number of other large Assemblies churches, is the center of a dominionist broadcast TV center whose programming is carried across multiple channels in Alaska.

    In a trend that has been recently documented by no less than Southern Poverty Law Center (in its recent report on the Joel’s Army movement), the church operates a Seven Project-esque targeted recruitment campaign aiming at teens (this is common across the Assemblies and across “Joel’s Army” groups in general; fully a third of the documented national-level front groups operated by the Assemblies target teens)

    Dominionists also believe that the Constitution should be replaced with Holy Scripture among other stranger, weirder things.

    I would recommend a VERY THOROUGH background research on Mrs. Palin’s apparent ties to this extremest branch of the Assembly Of God’s church.

    This could be the reason her answers and those of her new handlers in regards to questions about her religion are so vague and misleading.

    They and she are attempting to hide her religious ties to these radical


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