Friday, August 8, 2008

Two Videos: Bill Maher, and SEXPOSED

First, the good news – Bill Maher is coming out with an antidote to Ben Stein's idiotic movie Expelled. I was so happy to see the trailer! What a pleasant way to end my Friday afternoon! Here is the trailer for Religulous – it's a hoot. Enjoy!

And on the opposite end of the spectrum, here's a deeply offensive video. Thanks to God Is Pretend for finding this.

This seems so glib, so easy, to compare a woman who has had premarital sex to a sloppy, disgusting, half-eaten meal. But what's the real message here? If a couple has sex, and the woman is left a disgusting mess that nobody would want afterwards, the man must be unclean and disgusting. (And let's not pretend that this ad isn't sexually biased – they never say, "this meal represents the fallen woman," but we all know that the half-eaten meal represents the woman, not the man.)

Christianity's concept of original sin, and villification of sex, is one of the oddest events in the history of humanity. The ironic thing is that the most important philosophical work on this guilt meme was done by Saint Augustine, whose lover (and true love) bore him a son out of wedlock. Some say that it was the agony of being forced to abandon his true love, and enter into a society marriage, that drove him to write his perverse and self-loathing ideas about sex.

So, almost two thousand years ago, a lost love, and a sad man's lament, became entrenched in Christianity, and resulted in this video, which is just one more example of Christianity villifying normal, healthy human sexuality.

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  1. Thanks for the link! I'm very much looking forward to the Bill Maher film, however, I doubt it will be in many theaters in Alabama...


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