Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christian Puppies?

As many of my faithful readers will recall, our old friend Skittle the Dog passed away last month. But the circle of life goes on, and two weeks ago I was hijacked by my wife to go shopping because she needed to "get something," which turned out to be the cutest little Corgi puppy you've ever seen.

And of course, there is a special-interest web site called MyCorgi.com. But what really startled me was the special-specialty group, Corgis of Christian Owners! With 68 members, they're the second-largest subgroup of MyCorgi.com (only exceeded by the 94 members of the Awkwards Little Sleepers Club, for puppies that "sleep and relax in strange positions!").

Not to be completely left out, there is also a Pagan Corgis Club, with a surprising 10 members.

One of the things that baffles me about Christianity is it's pervasiveness. Christians aren't content to worship Jesus in private – for many of them, their religion has to be "worn on their sleeves," and made a part of everything they do, even irrelevant activities, such as your dog's web site. Why is that?

Out of curiousity, I started googling around for other Christian activities. I quickly found:
  Christian surfers
Christian sailors
Christian naturists (nudists)
Christian dog owners
Christian skydivers (ok, maybe that one makes sense!)
Christian scuba divers
Christian shoppers
Christian gamers
... the list goes on and on. There is hardly an activity you can think of that doesn't have a Christian subgroup. Ok, there was one search that didn't turn up anything: "Christian wife swappers."


  1. How about christian Luddites?

    Or Christian hypocrites?


    I met a group of christian bodybuilders once, dreadful people. They thanked jesus for helping them lift weights! I argued that by doing that it was like using drugs. Surely if a mythical being with magic powers is aiding you then surely it puts you at an advantage over an atheist athlete?

    We didn't converse much after that...

  2. welsh corgis always remind me of ein in cowboy bebop

  3. Although this comment is not related to Christian corgis or even corgis, it is the only means available for me to bring to the readership's attention some important information I have obtained about Mr. James.

    I have it on good authority that at a recent nonpartisan holiday party held in his home, Mr. James was asked by his wife to select and play some background music. His selection included several traditional CHRISTMAS SONGS involving mention of Christ, newborn king, etc. When called on this by his wife, his rationalization was that the performing artists (a Hawaiian group) were favorites of his. Keeping in mind that Mr. James's CD collection is quite extensive and eclectic, his selection could have been something more non-secular.

    I also have it on good authority that Mr. James subscribes to other Christmas memes, such as asking his wife to send out holiday cards every December (with the requisite family newsletter), and going out of his way (450 miles to be exact) to visit immediate family members on Christmas Day. It was only within the last few years that Mr. James, under heavy pressure from his Jewish wife, finally relinquished the annual purchase, erection, and embellishment of a Christmas tree in his home. His excuse prior to that decision pointed to a family tradition involving his children - although all of them were high school graduates when he finally gave in.

    So Mr. James, do old Christmas memes die hard?

    P.S. I do not object to the very nice tradition of giving your wife a Hannukah gift, especially when it is a corgi puppy.


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