Tuesday, March 10, 2009

LOL! Roadside Crosses Declared "Secular" by Utah Legislature

Ha, here's a good one. Apparently in Utah, the state legislature has the ability to convert the Christian cross into a purely secular symbol! Why didn't we Atheists think of that years ago? Instead of being offended every time we see a religious symbol sponsored by the government, all we have to do is have the government vote to make it non-religious, and all our worries are over. No more discrimination!

That goes for Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and everyone else, too! Now the government can put up crosses, and they're merely secular symbols. How can that offend anyone?

The cross is ... just a cross, right? An instrument of Roman torture. Say the Romans had chopped Jesus' head off in a guillotine (yeah, I know it wasn't invented yet, but go with me on this), and the Christians had made a guillotine their symbol, and Christians started marking their graves with little guillotines, so that pretty soon everyone knew that if you saw a guillotine by the side of the road, why, you'd think, "death," and you'd know someone had died there. And then the government couldn't put guillotines on public property, right? Because that would be government sponsorship of a particular religion. But hey, then we could just have the legislature declare that guillotines were secular, and that would be that!

Those Utah Mormons, so forward thinking, always one step ahead of the rest of us. Or maybe they're always good for a laugh.


  1. Hey dummy. In the context I have seen across the country all of the religous symbols used to denote a highway death. The Utah law now stops atheist from having them torn down because of religious symbols on public land.
    You may not believe in god or gods or goddesses. But you had best believe in your own stupidity

  2. "But you had best believe in your own stupidity"

    Well aren't you a gem of modern enlightenment. Religious symbols are religious. Otherwise people wouldn't want them put up where someone died. Have some intellectual integrity and just admit that they are religious and that you don't have any respect for the Constitution nor the laws of this great nation. You want to subvert the government and we're the dummies? Right..

  3. Nice one genious...this has nothign to do with mormons...they don't use the symbol of the cross...well researched...

  4. First, anonymous, it's 'genius' (no O) and secondly he's bringing the Mormons into it because they're the ones pushing these things through the courts and such (just as they were behind much of the proposition 8 campaigning).


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