Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Pope is a Murderer

There's no beating around the bush on this one. The Pope's stance on condoms is immoral, stupid, and will directly cause many thousands, perhaps millions, of deaths in Africa and other parts of the world. By declaring, once again, that condoms are immoral and forbidden to Catholics under all circumstances, the Pope is writing the death warrants for untold innocent men, women and children around the world.

How can a man who is sworn to celibacy possibly understand real human sexuality?

How can he be so totally disconnected from reality that he doesn't see the incredible human suffering he is causing? How can the Pope, in the year 2009, not see what is right in front of his face? Social scientists have proved that condom use is one of the very best ways to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS, and they have shown convincingly that abstinence programs have no usefulness whatsoever.

The modern Roman Catholic Church claims to be in touch with science. That's pure BS. They claim that science is responsible for the "what and how" and the Church is responsible for the "why". So, Pope, answer this: Why? Is your horror of sex just for its own sake so complete that you're willing to condemn innocent babies to die for it? Is sex so inherently sinful that it is only redeemed by the possibility of babies? So sinful that it is a capital crime?

Will the Pope go to the hospitals himself to watch the children die who might have grown up happy and healthy, but for his idiotic proclamations about the "morality" of using condoms?

I usually try to respect (though disagree) with other religious viewpoints, but today the Roman Catholic Church makes me sick. It is immoral to the core.


  1. Saying that abstinence-only prevents aids is like saying abstinence-only prevents priests from raping children.

    Clearly, this is not the case.

    P.S. Please forgive the typos. A priest is raping me as I type this.

  2. "Saying that abstinence-only prevents aids is like saying abstinence-only prevents priests from raping children." Funny - I just read an article about how DC's AIDS rate is skyrocketting, and they hand out condoms like candy there.

    Abstinence does prevent AIDS. Condoms may, potentially, prevent it in some cases, but that's assuming that 1) the condoms are used, and 2) they're not getting AIDS from IV drug use/blood-to-blood contact.

    Grow up.

  3. "Abstinence does prevent AIDS..." You totally miss the point. Abstinence DOESN'T WORK, because real humans like sex, it's one of the great pleasures of life, and WON'T STOP DOING IT just because the Pope and a bunch of celibate priests tell them to stop.

    Abstinence education doesn't work. Statistics prove it. It never has, it never will. The Pope knows this, or if he doesn't, he's a complete idiot.

    Get over it yourself, anon. It's attitudes like yours that cause so much suffering. The Pope IS a murderer.

  4. "Abstinence DOESN'T WORK, because real humans like sex, it's one of the great pleasures of life, and WON'T STOP DOING IT just because the Pope and a bunch of celibate priests tell them to stop."

    So, what you're saying is, the people won't listen to the Pope/priests when they say that people shouldn't abstain from sex, but they do listen when they say not to use condoms?

    Your arguments are specious at best.

  5. Err...last comment should read "should" abstain, instead of "shouldn't".

  6. Anon wrote: "the people won't listen to the Pope/priests when they say that people shouldn't abstain from sex, but they do listen when they say not to use condoms?"

    Don't be naive. The African people don't have access to condoms because the Pope (and other Christian leaders) have blocked distribution of condoms by international family-planning and health organizations.

    It's been shown time and time again that given access to condoms, and education in their benefits, people will use them. The people in Africa don't listen to the Pope. But the idiots in Washington do. Or did, maybe the new administration will be more sensible.

    I don't get where you're coming from. Are you saying a wife whose husband has AIDS should give up sex altogether, just because a celibate Pope in Italy says so? Do you really believe that abstinence policies work? Seriously?

  7. As far as I know, the Pope is really one of the 0.0000000001% adults in Italy which are abstinent...

    I totally agree with you Craig. The abstinence efficiency is just an illusion. And from a really objective point-of-view, I cannot figure out how the Pope (and the previous one, and the previous one, and the previous one...) can talk about abstinence when the priests celibacy has been discussed during the last decades by the catholic institution or some of its members.

    Keep going Craig.

  8. Yes he is a murderer. And he is not alone in the nest of rats that is the church.

  9. The Church says that its teaching on sexuality is not revealed wisdom. It is something that man can discover by the basis of his own reason if his understanding is not obscured by his culture -- and ours is an obscuring culture.

  10. In 1960, some 6% of white babies were born out of wedlock. Six percent. In 1992, 22% of white babies were born out of wedlock. Almost a four-fold increase, and it's rapidly rising. Rapidly rising. In 1960, some 22%, same figure, 22% of black babies were born out of wedlock. Anybody know the percentage now? Sixty-eight percent. Sixty-eight percent of black babies are born out of wedlock. That took thirty years. I don't think it will take thirty years for the 22% of whites to go up to 68 if we follow down the same path we are currently following. Now, here's my connection: First of all, the world tells us that if we have more and better contraceptives we can solve these problems. There will be fewer unwanted pregnancies. But the point was, in 1960, there were almost no contraceptives available, especially to teenagers.

  11. Now, again, I think in the 60's, it was not a stupid expectation that contraceptives would make for better marriages, fewer unwanted pregnancies, fewer abortions, but I think the cultural evidence today shows absolutely the contrary. And it's very hard for us to see because again, our culture, our president, his cabinet tell us that more and better contraceptives and more and greater access to abortion is absolutely necessary in this society, it's a good thing.

  12. Pope John Paul II says that Natural Family Planning brings about, what he calls, the virtue of self mastery which is the same as the virtue of chastity. He says it actually makes people better lovers because now they're making love to the person they love rather than to some fantasy. Instead of satisfying some sexual urge, they can control those sexual urges and now they're acting, again, upon a love impulse and not a sex impulse. Chastity education should help young people learn that they are virtually assaulted by their culture. They also need to learn about original sin, that all of us have disordered appetites in almost every aspect of our lives. We want to eat more, sleep more, drink more, and have more sex than is good for us in ways, with people, etc., that aren't good. And that's a result of our fallen nature. We can expect this, so we shouldn't be startled and astonished and upset that these things are happening to us. It's part of the course of things. But we have to learn to re-order ourselves. And, I say to young people, "Yes this sexual disorderedness is going to happen to you. A lot of it's not your fault. It's the fault of your culture. The other problem is you're a human being. But you have to work at chastity and the rewards are great."

  13. Anon -- You're starting from a false premise, that sex is bad and sinful. Sex is wonderful. There is no sin in it, as long as the two people are both mature and willing. Sex that is part of love is even better, but there's nothing, NOTHING, wrong with sex that comes from simple sexual urges. Sexual urges show that we're happy, heathy human beings.

    The idea of "original sin" is terribly, horribly wrong. It is the worst idea in the history of religion. It has caused more death and suffering than we can even imagine. On top of that, it is false.

  14. Anon -- the reason out-of-wedlock births are going up is because people are finally escaping from the stigma that the Catholic Church has put on unmarried women for so many centuries. It has little or nothing to do with birth control.

    You're drawing a conclusion from some statistics, but you've offered no evidence that there's any cause-and-effect between the two. The use of coal also doubled or tripled in that same period; did that cause the increase in out-of-wedlock births?

    Advocating "natural" birth control is idiotic. It doesn't work, and it causes people to DIE.

  15. i just think we should abstain from sex and not use condoms because God wants us to. Even if we disagree or don't understand why he wants us to, he has a reason for it and i'm pretty sure he has a good one


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