Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Malaysian Torture for DWM (Drinking While Muslim)

Another barbaric, ugly, inappropriate and cruel beating of a woman is about to be carried out in the name of Allah. Her crime? Drinking a beer and admitting she's a Muslim. The punishment? Caning – being beaten with six strokes of a rattan cane.

What's weirder, the law under which she was sentenced only applies to Muslims! In other words, just say your a Christian or Jew, and you can drink all the beer you like, but admit your a Muslim, and get the tar whipped out of you if you hoist a cold one.

I usually respect religions, even though I disagree pretty profoundly with their beliefs. But this sort of stuff makes me shake my head in disgust. It's inexcusable that in this century, there are religious police who have to arrest, humiliate, and abuse Muslims in order to make them follow Allah's laws.

The clerics who resort to this sort of barbarism aren't religious leaders of Islam. They're brutal dictators. A real Muslim leader wouldn't need to resort to violence to keep the faith.

Why aren't Muslims everywhere, especially here in the United States, raising their voices and marching in protest of this despicable deed?


  1. "Why aren't Muslims everywhere, especially here in the United States, raising their voices and marching in protest of this despicable deed?" It's because Islam all over the world is generally where Christianity was in the Middle Ages. It still needs its Inquisitional fervour to dissipate. Hopefully it will be much quicker to respond to this form of religious torture and dictatorship than Christianity due to the rapid take-up and availability of both a 21st century education system and a 21st century communication system. As the foundations of ignorance crumble, so will the religious fervour which ignorance supports. As Christianity crumbles slowly in the west, so will Islam, to join the host of previous failed religions and be ultimately consigned to the "people once believed" chapters of history.

  2. well am a Muslim ,and i gotta say although i don't agree with all what u said but u r right ,epically this kind of things dose not happen even in Arabic countries unless if get in trouble while being drunk ,its really weird to see Malaysia doing this plus , Islam god says they get caned 80,or 60 time ,i mean if they wanna do it , do it right at least, who r they to change in god orders ,do it right or don't at all
    they did not have the right to do it unless she asked for it ,they really r not helping Islam with this kind of behavior
    i think Malaysians think its a game to show whose more strict ,or even make them better Muslims,well it dose not u just made us look bad .


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