Monday, September 14, 2009

VPRO Darwin: Bringing the Wonder of Darwin to Children

Seeing is believing, and now there's VPRO Beagle, a wonderful new project to help educate our youth by recreating Darwin's amazing voyage, only this time with modern technology to document it in real time.

Decades ago, my own understanding of evolution was revolutionized when PBS broadcast an amazing recreation of Darwin's journey. I got to see Darwin's discoveries "first hand," through his own eyes.

I still remember one episode vividly: Darwin encountered fossilized seashells at 4,000 meters altitude while crossing South-American mountains on horseback. Shortly after he returned to the Beagle, a huge earthquake struck the region. Over the next few days, watching the tides, Darwin and the ship's crew realize the shoreline had risen a full meter higher – the mussels, barnacles and sea life that marked the high-water line were all dying. The mystery of why seashells were on mountain tops suddenly became obvious: Darwin actually witnessed that very mountain rising from the sea.

Education and knowledge are the enemies of creationism. No single project can cure the current state of mis-education in the USA, but I hope that projects like VPRO Beagle and others, each in its own way, can push back the darkness a bit.

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