Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Ongoing Battle Against Discrimination in California

Just a short blog today, life's other events is keeping me busy.

Former California governor Jerry Brown, who is now our state Attorney General, turns out to be a pretty good guy. My recollection of his governership is of a clueless idealist. But today, he is redeeming himself with his support of gay/lesbian rights in California.

It's a pretty amusing situation: He is offering opinions and evidence against himself in a court case! As state attorney general, he's supposed to defend Proposition 8, the discriminatory law against gay marriage. That means he is the defendent ... yet he is offering opinions to the court that says the lawsuit is without merit, that the plaintiffs are wrong, and that the law he is supposed to defend is unconstitutional.

The judge was so perplexed by this situation that he let Prop 8's organizers pay for an attorney to offer a defense, as otherwise there would have only been one side in the courtroom!

Jerry Brown is to be commended for this, and for a lifetime of public service.

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