Monday, October 19, 2009

Some Sanity in Federal Marijuana Policy?

Wow, my head is spinning. Maybe I smoked too much of the ganja, because it seems like it's legal now? Wait ... no it's not, but if I smoke it, I won't get busted any more ... or maybe I will, but nobody can seem to tell me ... I'm so confused, where'd I put my lighter?

Let me see if I can sort it out...

It's legal for medicinal use. Right, got that. And medicinal, yeah, right I have anxiety syndrome doc! I worry all day about getting busted, doesn't that make it medically necessary? Thanks, doc!

But the feds say it's illegal. How can that be, it's grown and sold right here in California! There's no interstate commerce, so no federal authority, right? But the feds have been throwing folks in jail for decades, so I guess that "states rights" stuff in our United States Constitution is only good if the states have the courage to stand up to the feds. Apparently none of the states had any backbone in the drug-hysteria days when these laws went on the books.

But wait, the feds won't bust me anyway? They have "better things to do" than enforce this law? Isn't a law a law? Aren't we supposed to obey the law, not pick and choose?

I'm so confused. I'd feel stupid, but all three of the last three Presidents, Obama, Bush (W) and Clinton, openly admit that they smoked marijuana, so I guess I'm in good company.

Federal policy is still bone-headed dumb, but I guess we can be thankful that there's a little motion in the right direction. At least they won't be busting people in states where marijuana is legal any more.

(I've written before about how America's drug laws are a direct result of religious intolerance. And for the record, I have smoked marijuana before, but don't any more, nor do I use other recreational drugs of any sort. Ok, I do like caffeine.)

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