Friday, November 13, 2009

Forcing Christ on Little Jewish Schoolkids

Here's another misguided Christian who wants to force her religion on everyone. Ms. Merry Susan Hyatt (yes, that's really her name, Merry) and her brother have started yet another petition to put Christianity back in California schools, specifically, to require the state to let Christmas carols in schools!

It's laughable, and would never pass even the first court challenge by the most conservative judge in the state. Unfortunately, laughable or not, it's going to cause trouble. Ms. Hyatt's initiative will get the attention of the news media, they'll hype the whole issue, and conservative Christians will once again cry "persecution!" If the measure somehow passes, the state will waste a bunch of time, energy and money in court battles to rescind this ignorant woman's anti-American baloney. Ms. Hyatt is yet another misguided American who believes we are a Christian nation, which is flat-out wrong.

If my child were in Ms. Hyatt's class, I'd insist on a transfer. The woman is a bigot. When asked how non-Christian children would feel about being excluded and sent off to study hall, she said, "I don’t think I’ve ever had a Jewish child in one of my classes. If so they never said anything.” I've got news for you Ms. Hyatt. You've had LOTS of children who were Jewish, Muslim, atheist, and probably many other faiths. They were just intimidated by you and knew better than to speak up. Your so-called Christian love is nothing more than bigotry and intolerance, wrapped in a layer of Christian hypocrisy.

Maybe I'll start a petition to require kids to sing John Lennon's Imagine in class, starting in kindergarten.

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