Monday, November 30, 2009

Why an Atheist Hates Christmas

I don't hate Christmas for the usual reasons. There's plenty that's wrong about Christmas, for sure. Christians stole the Winter Solstice holiday, which sucks. I'll bet a pagan holiday, celebrating fertility and stuff, and doing dances in the sunrise to encourage the sun to come back up in the sky, would be a lot more interesting than worshipping a little baby whose mother didn't even have sex first. Besides which, Jesus as we know him probably didn't actually exist. But that's another story.

No, the reason I hate Christmas is the same as the reason I hate weddings. The best thing you can hope for at a wedding or at Christmas is to just barely meet expectations. And 90% of the time, you won't, and someone will be pissed off about something.

I actually like the Christmas "spirit" sentiment, of gathering with family, sharing, forgiving ... that's really good stuff. Christians didn't invent it, but they've really developed it into something extravagant.

But expectations are too high. We expect a joyous time, where everyone gathers in peace and harmony, Santa brings exactly what the kids wanted, dinner is perfect, you get Christmas cards from all the relatives and friends you care about and none from the folks you'd rather forget, and there's just enough snow to be pretty but not enough to get stuck.

With expectations like that, you're lucky if you barely make it, and nobody is pissed off. But chances are, one or more expectations won't be met, and someone will be disappointed. Maybe Uncle George and Aunt Georgine are late and dinner is a little cold, or Johnny gets the wrong Lego set, or cousins Geraldine and Maybelle renew that fight they started last Christmas.

So now I boycott Christmas. I have no expectations, because to me, Christmas is just another day. I tell my kids and family that it would be wonderful to get together at the end of the year some time, just to celebrate the year gone by and look toward the new year. But we do it one a day when it's convenient for everyone, and we have a nice simple dinner. We get out our instruments and play a few songs, play charades or fictionary, and have a great time. We have no big expectations, and every year, we manage to exceed those expectations and go home happy.


  1. "where everyone gathers in peace and harmony"

    Why would you expect that?

    ". . . and peace on earth to all those who please Him."

    Notice why you might be exempt?

  2. As long as I've been an Atheist I haven't celebrated Christmas or Easter, though I do make a point to enjoy winter and summer solstice, much in the way you and your family gather. It's always a happy occasion -- and far more enjoyable than the christmases I shared with my Catholic family (which always involved, well, disappointment).

  3. To the Atheist: As I have posted elsewhere, you would think that we as professing Christians would care if you didn't believe in the Triune God. Actually we do, for your sake (not for ours or God's). But there is a problem: We Christians can care all we want about your state but if God himself does not choose to incline your disposition towards him, you will continue to think as you do (primarily that you are free). The reality is, according to the great intellectuals of the ages, is that you are actually a slave to the forces that oppose God and that God himself is quite ok with allowing you to continue as that (that is part of the bigger story we are all in). You don't realize that you are a slave (that's part of the evil trick) and you actually think you are quite free. There is hope for you but not unless the One who made you and the world, decides to have mercy upon you. God willing, you will one day see much more than you do today.

  4. Yawn yawn yawn Chris Horton. As I don't believe in some fake deity, I don't care what you or it thinks at all. The concept of "God" was invented by primitive man to try and make understanding of the Universe and physics. Thankfully now we have evolved beyong that point. I look back to the 20 children just massacred in the USA. I wonder how many of their parents went to church and were devout believers in your deity. So basically even if your "God" did exist, he is a sick evil git who happily lets innocent children be massacred. If he did exist, I would become a Satanist out of protest. Luckily that fake deity does not exist. The Universe is actually 15 billion years old. The Earth we all live on is 4.5 billion years old. The bible is a load of stupid nonsensical fake crap.


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