Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Japanese Whaling - Cruelty beyond belief

Every time I read another story of Japanese whaling, it makes my blood boil. For such an advanced, seemingly civilized culture, it is shocking and astonishing that they still allow this cruel, barbaric practice.

Warning: the descriptions that follow are disturbing.

Most of us don't want to know what goes on in animal-processing plants, but at least there is an attempt at humane slaughter techniques in most countries. But with whaling, it's torture, pure and simple. There is no humane way to kill a whale. Instead, the animals, which are known to be highly intelligent and social, are harpooned with an explosive device, which crushes their lungs. Then they suffocate in their own blood. Sometimes, the whales are hoisted onto the ship's butchering platform and cut apart before they are even dead.

The Japanese like to think of themselves as culturally and technologically advanced, but their whaling practices are a blight on their civilization. Whaling is something from centuries past, and should have died out long ago.

As humanity loses its childish religions, the ones that assert that the Earth was put here for our pleasure, and the animals for our unfettered use, we need to replace them with the rational ethics that thoughtful men and women have been refining for over two millenia, both in Europe and in the Far East. Japanese whaling might have seemed OK when there were emperors, kings, shoguns, knights, and peasants, and human life was cheap. But most of the civilized world has move on to a more ethical philosophy, one that recognizes that cruelty to any living creature is unacceptable.

Every Japanese citizen should hang his or her head in shame. Or better yet, speak up, and tell your lawmakers to end this horrifying torture of innocent animals.


  1. I'm curious, if whaling and dolphin killing were to be treated like fish farms or cow fields, equipped with "humane", systematic, quick/painless, would you think this is better?

    Herding cows in tight fields, fattening em up, and rodding their brains out is pretty cruel but people may or may not need the meat. I mean, it's another animal we eat and lives on this planet. If putting the methods of dolphines/whaling with cows, wouldn't it be treated the same...?

    But I do agree archaic practices should die with unreasonble religious practices. I don't put killing dolphins up with female genatelia mutiliation(some would), but I think we should modernize our practices as well.

    1. Killing is inhumane....whether you give the animal painful or painless death. How low can you go to satisfy your tongue??? Lame....simply...Lame !!!

  2. I absolutely do not see any difference between whaling and fishing or raising cattle. Nay raising chickens and harvesting their eggs. Modern chick coops are a thing of utter disgust.

    I had occasion to eat whale sushi. I found it pleasant, but I prefer salmon. I also eat chicken eggs and beef and lamb and chicken for that matter. Apparently I was designed to eat these things.

    Wouldn't it be hypocritical for anyone who has ever eaten a single egg in the USA to complain about Japanese whaling? At the least, an egg eater should be as adamant and vocal about raising chickens in the USA.

    Also, like it or not, our very existence has an undeniable effect on the ecosystem. We can't let bears and coyotes roam freely in urban areas. As a result, the only humane thing to do is to hunt deer. I don't see a reasonable alternative.

    Now if we are talking about endangered animals, that is a different story.


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