Monday, January 18, 2010

New God Campaign on NYC Subways

I guess the Christians are fighting back. The Atheist/Humanist ad campaigns deserve a reply, so a Christian Group is placing 1,000 "God Is..." ads in the New York subways.

These ads have a large "GOD IS" in the center, surrounded by things like "there when no one else is," "aware of your struggle," "incredible," and many more. All of the very best Christian God memes, those incredible self-replicating ideas that we all want so much to believe.

I love this stuff – meme wars. It's what The Religion Virus is all about, how memes compete with one another for our attention. Usually meme battles are subtle and hard to see, but these ad campaigns are totally in-your-face.

I hope the atheists and humanists do their part to keep this meme war going! Time for a new ad campaign!

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