Thursday, April 1, 2010

Pray for Me: April Fools Day is Pray for an Atheist Day!

Ok, all you Christians, it's time to pray for me!

April Fools Day 2010 is Pray for an Atheist day! (Here's their Facebook page!)
Do you believe God can do amazing things through prayer? We want you to select an atheist friend or relative and pray for them by name each day during the month of April, 2010 (and beyond!) It’s easy and could make an eternal difference for someone you love.
And I'm your man! A real Atheist, but also an honest one who would admit that he's wrong! But I'll warn you, I'm a pretty hard case.

In fact, why not make it a challenge? If all you Christians each pray for a different atheist, what's God going to do? He can't convert us all, that's too much work even for Him. So why don't you all get together and pick ONE atheist, and everybody pray for that person?

You could pick someone famous, one of the big-name famous atheists like Dawkins. But they all make a bunch of money from their book and lecturing, so they wouldn't admit your prayers worked. Bad choice.

So why not pick me? You can focus all your prayers on me! I love attention, and my book has just barely gone to press, so I don't have a lot to lose either way (except my immortal soul). You know my name already, and God knows where I live, but just in case, you can sort of face towards San Diego County, California if you think that will help.

Just think, if one Christian's prayers can get God to listen, what could you do with one MILLION prayers? Gosh, a million shouldn't be hard, there's at least a hundred million Christians in the United States. Maybe you could even get TEN MILLION prayers! Surely God would listen if that many good Christians prayed so earnestly for my conversion and salvation. Heck, maybe you could even get some Jews and Muslims to join you. Wow, wouldn't that be something?

But I'll warn you, I'm a pretty tough nut to crack. You'll need a lot of prayers! Better get to it!

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