Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mike Huckabee: Gay Marriage is like Incest, Drugs and Polygamy

Is 2012 presidential candidate Mike Huckabee deliberately torpedoing his own campaign? Can he really be this stupid?

Huckabee is now comparing gay marriage to incest, drug use and polygamy, according to the transcript of an interview he gave this week. Got that? Incest, raping your own child or sibling.


But now I'm confused. I thought politicians were a bunch of clever, political animals. They're supposed to get up there and pander to the crowds. Some good ol' boy from the South who's still racist knows he'd better keep it to himself. A young Democrat from New York who thinks his constituents are too dumb for democracy and that they need a socialist government to take care of them, well he'd better not say it out loud.

So what's with Huckabee? Everyone knows that the Southern Baptists are anti-gay and that Huckabee is the anti-gay king. Everyone who is on Huckabee's side on this will vote for him, even if he never says it out loud. He doesn't need to say it. We get it, we know he's anti-gay.

So why doesn't he just keep his mouth shut? I figured that a guy who'd made it as far as Huckabee must be pretty smart. He must have learned the political ropes by now, learned when to speak out and when to keep quiet.

But I finally figured it out – he was the governor of Arkansas where his church is pervasive and anti-gay views are common. Why, I'll bet he's never even been to New York or California! It's sort of like going to a foreign country and discovering that you're not supposed to pick up your fried chicken with your fingers or blow your nose into your napkin. Mike apparently never learned that lesson.

Someone needs to take Mike aside and whisper in his ear, "Hey Mike, you can't say that here! These people aren't like us ... they think the g-a-y-s are OK."


  1. Yes, homosexuality is disgusting! I agree.
    Hooray for Huckabee. The animals do not mate the same sex. Hello!!! We are supposed to be SMARTER than the animal kingdom.

  2. Dear idiot,

    1) Animals do mate the same sex, there are many instances of homosexual animal couples adopting orphaned young. Evolution of behavioral memes encourages this even though the genes have little say in it at all.

    2) The author was not siding with you or Huckabee, so please learn to read.


    Like Huckabee would consider anything Darwin-based. :P

  4. OMG! The disgusting remark was from the author ABOUT Huckabee! "Hooked on Phonics" might be able to help you.

  5. Wait... What? Exactly whom are we talking about here? Craig James' views are pretty clear, as are Huckabee's even though his mind not be, but who exactly is Anon trying to correct here?

  6. so incest is disgusting to you but not homosexuality, so I guess you are the definer of disgusting, I played sports my whole life, i have been in the shower after participating in a sporting event with many men, any man who can look at another man and be sexually stimulated somehow and have a desire to touch him is disgusting beyond all words to me. Huckabee is right, homosexuality, incest, sex with an animal, any sex outside the purpose of Gods creation and intention, (between a husband and female wife) is disgusting and revolting. It is sin, sin leads to death. Death of relationships, spiritual death, carnal death and eternal death.


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