Thursday, July 1, 2010

Crybaby Christian Threatens to Destroy Atheist Groups

The Religious Right lost a major Supreme Court decision last week, and now Mike Adams, their attack-dog blogger, is being a crybaby about it.

The Supreme Court ruled that the University of California was within its rights to ban a group of lawyers for their anti-gay policies. It's OK for such groups to meet in private, but there's nothing that requires a public school to endorse such discrimination.

Well, here's what Mike Adams had to say:
"I can’t stand atheists. And I plan to do something about them. Thankfully, the U.S. Supreme Court has given me a powerful tool to use in my war against the godless. ... I plan to round up the students I know who are most hostile to atheism. Then I’m going to get them to help me find atheist-haters willing to join atheist student groups across the South. I plan to use my young fundamentalist Christian warriors to undermine the mission of every group that disagrees with me on the existence of God... [We] will seek to destroy groups whose names are even remotely suspicious. If I see any words like “atheist,” agnostic”, or even “free-thinker” I will know they are a group of godless heathens. Then we’ll move in for the kill.
When I first read this, I thought it was a joke, a dumb attempt at humor. It is so over-the-top preposterous that it took me a minute or two to realize, "Wow, this guy really means it."

But here's the truth: crybaby Mike Adams won't dare do this. You see, I happen to know Hemant Mehta over at The Friendly Atheist, and Hemant is reasonable, conciliatory, smart, and he happens to be the Chair of the Board of the Secular Student Alliance. I'd be willing to bet that if Mike Adam's Christian students start attending the Secular Student Alliance meetings, Hemant and friends would welcome the opportunity to talk to them. In fact, I'll bet they'd organize a national campaign to welcome these Christians into their group!

Can you imagine it? What's going to happen when you take a bunch of intelligent, inquisitive Christian college students, most of whom have led insular lives and never had their beliefs seriously challenged, and drop them into a group of the smartest, best-educated secular students in America? Remember, these aren't just casual secularists, these are students who care enough to join the Secular Student Alliance and contribute their time and energy to the cause. They're activists.

I predict that Mike will lose his best and brightest Christian students. Sure, there will be plenty who are indoctrinated to the point where they can no longer accept new ideas or challenges to their faith. But college is the time where we're all challenged to open our minds and learn new ways of thinking, to see both sides of questions, and to respect our peers even if we don't agree with them. These students are primed to learn, and Mike will thrust them into "enemy territory" where they'll meet the best of the best.

Mike, I tell you what. Go for it! I predict that your Christian students will be welcomed with open arms, and minds, by secular, atheist, humanist and free-thinking student groups on campuses all across America.


  1. awesome, I see a future filled with many more de-converted normal people...

  2. Craig,

    As we have been discussing elsewhere, this Mike's perspective isn't altogether that rare. This is the problem with religion. Most religious believers see it as their duty to correct the rest of us heathens. I think California's Proposition 8 is a perfect example. Whereas the typical atheist believes that one's sexual orientation or lifestyle is none of their concern; the average religious person sees it as their duty to correct other's "wickedness." This is why, in my strongest opinion, believe that religion does not have any place in a progressive, modern society.

  3. Hilarious how some folks have been overreacting to the ruling. They claim to join aetheist groups to disrupt them but they forget that their disruption would give the groups grounds to kick them out so they wouldn't be members, period.

  4. Steve - you're right. If religions would adopt a live-and-let-live philosophy, I'd have no issue with it at all.

    Unfortunately, the inexorable forces of memetic evolution (the topic of The Religion Virus) guarantees that the most obnoxious beliefs (and the churches that espouse them) survive, whereas the moderate beliefs (memes) die out.

  5. "Correct others' wickedness", indeed! You cannot legislate morality! These sheep, incapable of free-thought, who walk around with the empty-eyed, vapid "Hi, Reverend Jones - can I have some more kool-aid" look are the ones in need of reprogramming. This Mike Adams must be the Judas goat leading them to potential slaughter.

  6. I think Mike Adams should move to Africa where religions and State are married in one bed but i bet,he will get headache because groups to fight that system are also cropping up.

  7. This is such a sad commentary on the fear the religious right have with people who don't hold the same "belief" system that they do.

    The Atheist Student Alliance (ASA) at University of South Florida has already done this. They conducted an interfaith Dialogue/Decalogue and invited people of ALL faiths to join in a conversation, not a debate, about different ideas.

    John Kieffer, President of Atheists of Florida and founder of ASA at USF was a participant and can relate how well the evening went.

  8. It's been my personal experience that just because you're in college doesn't mean you're smart or open to new ideas. Of course I do agree that they will be welcomed into the group, if for no other reason than amusement but people like Mike scare me. What's next on his list, bombs? He's not going to stop Atheistic groups from existing even if he got it to be made illegal.

  9. I disagree with you on one point. The people Adams is talking about recruiting fall into neither the category of intelligent, nor inquisitive. That's not to say there are no intelligent and inquisitive Christians, but they arern't fans of Mike Adams.

  10. Soothsayer,

    You are indeed correct; you cannot legislate morality, but you can legislate tyranny. This is exactly what has happened with respect to proposition 8. Every free-thinking human being be should be fighting religious extremisim wherever it rears its ugly head. As I have been saying for years, there isn't any difference between our Muslim friends and our religoius right friends; excepting, of oucrse, their standard of living. If our standard of living ever deteriorates then, believe me, free-thinkers, progressives, gays, etc. will not be able to get to the border quickly enough.

  11. I stumbled across this and I then found the idea had spread to a number of other fundie blogs. I happily pointed out to them that this was fine and that if the gay groups or atheist groups didn't like their new members they could simply reject official recognition (and it's benefits) and operate in an environment where they could choose their members. Just like what happened to Mike Adams' coterie of clowns.

  12. Christians: but god made bananas to fit our body perfectly!

    Atheists: ROFL

  13. Anon,

    Yes, I saw that; pretty damn funny, bananas indeed...


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