Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jewish Air Force Lawyer Fighting for Catholics and Atheists

Why is a Jewish lawyer, formerly of the United States Air Force, fighting for the religious rights of Catholics, Muslims, Protestants and atheists in our military forces? Because as a Jew, he, his father and his sons all faced terrible discrimination and even physical abuse at the hands of the Christian supremacist movement that is rotting our military forces from the inside.

The stories are horrifying, and Weinstein's courage is amazing. Check out Weinstein's stories:Here's a quote from the second link to pique your interest.
"For three years [Weinstein, a Republican] was a Reagan White House lawyer and eventually the Iran-Contra investigation’s committee management officer. Weinstein was also Ross Perot’s general counsel. Despite his conservative background, in 2006 Weinstein established the nonprofit Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and he coauthored 2007’s With God on Our Side and appeared in the documentary Constantine’s Sword. HUSTLER explores why this thorn in the Pentagon’s side warns of “an unbelievable fusing of our Defense Department with Christian dominionist dogma.”
It's men like Weinstein that are protecting everyone's freedom to worship, even the Christian supremacists that he fights.

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