Friday, August 20, 2010

Dumb and Dumber: Palin Defends Dr. Laura!

Oh, this is rich: Sarah Palin is coming to Dr. Laura's defense! According to Palin, whom we all admire so much for her towering intellect (not!), is quite sure Dr. Laura is not a racist even though she used the n-word eleven times (here's the transcript) on her broadcast.

Ironically, I agree with Palin (amazing, isn't it). Dr. Laura isn't a racist. She doesn't discriminate against blacks – she seems to hate everyone equally!

And I have to ask: Why did it take the n-word to get Dr. Laura off the air? She's been saying hateful things about gays and lesbians for years, yet no mob came after her about that. Why is the n-word the n-bomb, the only thing that can get a bigot to resign from the airwaves?

I wonder if Sarah Palin realizes that she's not doing Dr. Laura any good by coming to her defense. Dr. Laura's mistake wasn't being racist. It was lacking intellect and kindness.. Just like Sarah Palin. So I guess they're two of a kind.

Maybe they can both get jobs on the Fox Noise Network.

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  1. The funniest part is that Dr. Laura called Sarah Palin a 'bad mom' because of Bristol's unplanned pregnancy:


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