Monday, August 9, 2010

Strippers Turn Tables on Picketing Church

A strip club has turned the tables on a local church that's been harassing it for years. The dancers are protesting outside the church!

According to Tommy George, the owner of a strip club in Warsaw, Ohio, "We had Pastor Bill Dunfee and his followers show up about four years ago and ... it's been continual harassment virtually every weekend since then."

It seems Pastor Dunfee is a meddling goody-two-shoes who reportedly has admitted to adultery. Dunfee decided that it is his right and duty to put Mr. George out of business and his dancers out of work. Never mind that the strip club is licensed, legal and pays its taxes on time, and that most of the dancers are supporting children. In fact, one is supporting six kids, something you'd think Pastor Dunfee would applaud.

Dunfee makes it clear. "As long as [The Foxhole strip club] exists we will not share territory with the Devil. What it comes down to is this ... In this world there is good and there is evil. There's right and there's wrong. There's light and there's dark. ... Whenever you take a look at the strip club, it's evil."

In other words, the typical black-and-white view of an unthinking Christian, the same view that has been used to justify so much evil down through history.

Well, now Mr. George and the dancers have turned the tables on this meddlesome church. They're putting on their skimpiest barely-legal outfits and protesting Dunfee's church every Sunday!

I say, good for them. We have laws that impose morals on us that we all agree are important. We can't murder each other, we can't rob one another, we can't rape, destroy our environment, or drive our cars dangerously.

Beyond that, it's up to each one of us to decide how to behave. It is not my business to tell you how to be moral, whether to cheat on your spouse or not, whether to treat others with respect or not, or even whether to be racist or sexist. I can choose not to be your friend, but that's it.

So why do Bill Dunfee and his followers think it's OK for them to force their morals on the rest of their community? Where do they get the idea that they can dictate to the rest of us how to live our lives?

And I have to wonder: If Pastor Dunfee is really such a Christian, why hasn't he convinced his congregation to offer the dancers higher-paying jobs so that they can feed their children? If Dunfee feels that strip clubs are such a horrible sin, let him put his money where his mouth is.

Hey, maybe this is Pastor Dunfee's way to see hot women. Maybe this was his plan all along, to get a free show every week ... Lord knows he can't go to the strip club himself!


  1. Fantastic! Hopefully a glimpse at the girls will give some of the lay worshipers an idea of the benefits of life outside a theological bubble.

  2. Actually they did offer a job to the woman with the six kids... maybe not at the $100,000 she claims to make, but maybe something her kids could be a little more proud of.

  3. Maybe the stripper's kids are proud of their mom. She's doing a tough job and supporting them. She's not on welfare, she's not cheating anyone, and she's providing a needed service. The only difference between a stripper and what you see on broadcast TV every day is approximately six square inches of clothing. At least the strippers are honest about selling fantasies, unlike the rest of America.

  4. I wonder how many atheists visit that Foxhole.


    Sorry! Had to go there. I, for one, would be extremely proud of my mother if she happened to be a stripper--especially if she liked it and danced well. To my amusement, I know that a certain number of even us science students have helped fund our educations by exotic dancing.

  5. I happen never to have visited a strip club or a church but I definitely would take the club over the evil church. They are both selling fantasy

  6. HAH! Elaine, that got a good laugh out of me. Well played.

    People need to spend more time worrying about their own actions, rather than spend time protesting others. Good for those girls, fight fire with fire. Like the good Mr. Hitchens says, the best answer to bad speech is more speech.

    I wish I lived near by, I would love to protest with these ladies.

  7. "I happen never to have visited a strip club or a church but I definitely would take the club over the evil church. They are both selling fantasy"

    I second that !!!!!

    I would take the strip club over the church any day.

  8. "They are both selling fantasy"

    Moreover, the strip club inspires you to live and continue living, to think about sex, joy, procreation, etc... While at the temple to the god of death and among his followers...

  9. Hey Craig if you strongly agree with this you should come down and protest with us on a Sunday it is an every Sunday thing and we need more people if you are willing to come comment me back with your email and I will send you more information

  10. Hey Shane -- I wish I could, but it's a long drive from San Diego! I'll try to do my part by continuing these blogs against religious discrimination and hypocrisy. Keep up the good work!

  11. "...maybe not at the $100,000 she claims to make, but maybe something her kids could be a little more proud of."

    Offering her a job that makes less is better than her dancing to support her kids? And I'm sure her kids are proud. My older sister has been a stripper since I was around 9, now I'm 16. She's been telling me stories of how she gets into fights with the Russian dancers and her own language she made up at the clubs and I'm proud of her. She's got the body and the skill, why not? She's even paying for 3 months gym membership for me with her tip money. I don't think there's anything wrong with it. Oh, and she's Christian. xD

    Good for them, maybe it'll teach the church a lesson.


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