Monday, October 11, 2010

African Missionaries Exorcise Schizophrenic - Doing Satan's work in God's name

The Mission News Network has a serious article about an exorcism in Africa. This idiocy might be funny except for two things. First, these ignoramuses are allowed to vote and carry guns, which is kind of scary. And second, it's 100% obvious that this is a tragic case of schizophrenia.

From the "news" report:
"South Asia is riddled with cases of people who are possessed by demons. Visible spiritual warfare is very much alive, and the only way to end it is with prayer.

"A 17-year-old boy in South Asia was recently taken over by demons and subsequently became extremely violent. Much like the possessed man coming from the tombs in the Gospel of Mark, this young man had to be chained down to bind his unnatural strength.

"When a Gospel for Asia-supported missionary met the boy and his family, he explained to the frightened family what was wrong with their son. He then went on to share the Gospel with the family, helping them to understand that the only way their son would be freed was through faith in Jesus and prayer."
The article goes on to claim that the boy is cured, but that's not surprising since schizophrenia can be episodic. Victims can manage the voices and delusions for days, weeks, and even months, but the inner torment builds and builds until they once again lose control.

These fools who claim to be doing God's work are really doing the opposite. They should be getting medical help for the young man. I know from personal experience the tragedy of schizophrenia, watching the mind of a loved one turning against itself as she descended into a hell of delusion, frightening voices and paranoid anxiety attacks.

Mental illness isn't a religious problem, and Christian missionaries who think otherwise are doubly damaging. Instead of educating the family about the boy's condition and the fact that he needs medical help, they sealed his fate with superstitious nonsense. And worse, they convinced the parents and village that the boy is responsible for his own condition because he hasn't accepted Jesus into his heart. According to these Christians, it's the boy's fault.

If I believed in Satan or God, I can only imagine how pissed God would be to know these Christian missionaries were invoking His name while doing Satan's work.

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