Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Is Christianity Dying? ... and Ninety-Nine Other Best Blogs

I have a new book available on Kindle!
Only 99 cents!
How can you go wrong? From the preface:
"Who would have guessed back in June of 2008 that I'd be writing my five hundredth blog with no end in sight? And I never expected The Religion Virus to be in the top ten religion books on's Kindle bestsellers list, as well as bouncing around between first and fifth in agnosticism and religious history. (Religious history? That's unexpected!)

"So why should you buy a collection of ninety-nine blogs that you can get for free on my web site? Because it's just a penny per blog, and we sorted the wheat from the chaff for you. You get to read the good stuff without having to wade through the blogs that should have been used to wrap fish. How can you beat that? (And there is actually one original never-before-published blog in here!)

"Like most bloggers, I don't hit one out of the park every day. But every now and then I write something pretty good. Some of these became very popular and pegged my traffic meter. Those were fun. But the ones I like best are the ones that evoked thoughtful responses, rebuttals and questions from my readers. When someone takes the time to argue with me, I know I'm making a difference."
New readers will find this a handy way to read the best of these blogs. Or if you're one of my faithful loyalists, you can find all of your favorites collected for just a penny per blog.

  1. Bad Religion: Slavery, stoning, biased reporting, Alcoholics Anonymous and many more.
  2. Is Christianity Dying?: A collection of some of my most popular blogs about the slow but inexorable decline of Christianity (and all religion) in America.
  3. Morality: Why secular morality is more moral and defensible than religious morality.
  4. Politics: Keeping America secular and why it matters, creationism versus science in our schools, sex and drugs.
  5. Atheism: Society's bigotry, my famous "get out of the closet!" blog, and a challenge to religious scholars to debate honestly.
  6. Faith and Beliefs:Laurel's Wager versus Pascal's Wager, homeopathy, miracles, and Ouija boards.
  7. Science and Evolution: Why Darwin is right, stem cell research, how comets make religion look silly, immortality, Mormonism and many more.
  8. The Bible: God gets a bad grade, maybe Satan wrote the Bible, biblical inerrancy and homosexuality.
Buy it on – hope to see you there!

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