Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Faith healing" causes another child's death

It just makes me sick to read another one of these stories. A young girl died while her parents and other members of their religious sect tried to heal her with prayers rather than seeking proper medical care. The girl had diabetes, not a pleasant diagnosis, but she could have controlled the disease and grown up to have a happy, healthy life.

Instead, her life was tragically cut short by ignorance. Although I would like to blame her parents, they are just as much victims of this fraud as their daughter. Their sect teaches that God will bring cures, a belief that is plainly, blatantly wrong.

The obvious and glaring answer to this foolish belief (assuming you believe in God) is that God did provide a cure for this child. He gave us all brains, so that we could learn about His universe, about biology, physics and chemistry, and invent cures for the diseases that God chose, in His infinite wisdom, to inflict upon us. God provided the cure, these parents rejected His wisdom in favor of ancient voodoo and hocus pocus.

Or maybe there is no God, we're on our own, and we have to take care of each other. What a beautiful concept.

How very tragic, for the girl, for the parents, and for all of us.


  1. Those parents aren't blameless, they're idiots, and deserve at least 25 years of prison each.

  2. that's not enough, they must lose there ability to reproduce, and be forbidden all contact with children

  3. It makes me SO very angry, too! Those parents should be prosecuted, I don't care about any stupid religion excuse, it's just RIDICULOUS that this keep happening :(


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