Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Jimmy Carter Quits Southern Baptist Church

I've always admired former President Jimmy Carter for his genuine honesty and integrity. These seem like such simple principles, yet they are sadly lacking in so many politicians. My opinion of the man shot up even more with his announcement that, after sixty years as a member of the Southern Baptist Church, he is leaving the Southern Baptist Church because of their oppressive policies about women.

And Mr. Carter didn't just sever his ties, he did so with strong words, calling the SBC's policies oppressive, and reminding us that their Biblical justifications are the same ones used to excuse slavery, genital mutilation, violence and rape around the world.

The SBC, of course, couldn't take it gracefully, and had to do a bit of mud-slinging in an attempt to save face. They called Mr. Carter's actions "politically motivated," which is pretty funny considering that Mr. Carter has already achieved and retired from the highest office in the land. One has to wonder just how SBC thinks Jimmy Carter will further his career by speaking his mind.

P.S. Thanks to all my loyal subscribers for sticking with me through my recent hiatus from this blog. Personal events and priorities kept me away for a while, but it looks like I'm back now.

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