Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Southern Baptists Again Show Hatred of Gays

This one is too much to ignore. The Southern Baptists claim to "love the sinner, but hate the sin" when it comes to gays, but this thin veil, this lame attempt to cover up their true feelings, is coming unraveled. The SBC's news organization just published this hateful news piece, which shows their true colors. Here are a few of their official statements:
LaBarbera took issue with Barna using the term "homosexual Christians." "My test is to substitute another sexual sin and see if it makes sense," he told "Would we be talking about a survey of porn-using Christians or incestuous Christians? That sounds stark, but that's, I believe, the appropriate biblical analogy."
Got that? Homosexuality and incest are equivalent. Or how about this gem:
I think there are Christians who struggle with the sin of homosexuality — but proud homosexual Christians? That's an oxymoron to me in the same way as I would say proud adulterous Christians.
So a gay couple who love and support each other, remain faithful and modest, for decade after decade, are no better than the philandering Senator Ensign who cheated on his faithful wife? Ensign's philandering was a terrible personal tragedy for his wife, who suffered embarrassment, humiliation and the loss of everything she'd worked so hard for in her marriage. How can anyone possibly think that two men or two women who find love and companionship are even committing a sin, much less a sin of the same magnitude as adultery?

If I believed in God and the Heaven/Hell myth, I know one thing: Mr. LeBarbera and his cronies in the Southern Baptist Church would be the ones headed in Satan's direction.


  1. Plus he left out "shellfish eating christian", "christians who work on sunday", and "christians who think the world is round". These are also all clearly stated to be wrong in the Bible.

  2. What about "divorce and remarried" Christians for crying out loud. There are plenty of them, several of them giving sermons from the pulpit. And Jesus HIMSELF said don't do it because it's the same as adultery. So why can there be no gay Christians but divorce/remarried christians are a-okay.


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