Monday, July 27, 2009

Good Riddance to Sarah Palin

It looks like Sarah Palin is destroying her own career, and saving us the trouble. By stepping down as governor of Alaska, in spite of her claims to the contrary, she is breaking her promise to the voters of Alaska, and her commitment to serve in the office of governor for her elected term. Honorable politicians serve out their terms in spite of hardship and adversity; Sarah Palin is nothing more than a quitter.

Her fall once again illustrates what a good friend of mine once said: "We Christians aren't better than everyone else, just forgiven." I really like that philosophy. It's the Evangelical Christians like Sarah Palin, with their holier-than-thou attitudes, their claims to moral superiority, and especially their firm conviction that there is only one side to every question, that make me sick. Their beliefs and actions are anti-American, anti-democracy, and even un-Christian. So, although I rarely take pleasure in another's misfortune, the fall of Sarah Palin makes me happy.

It will be satisfying to see her reduced from a national political figure, a vice-presidential nominee and potential future president, to a talk-show host and political has-been. Even the Republicans are disgusted with her quitter attitude. She's toast, and we're glad to see her gone.

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