Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hey Obama: Bush ALREADY Raised Our Taxes!

Hey, Senator Obama, here's a free "sound bite" for you.
McCain and Bush tell you they're cutting taxes, but instead, George Bush raised taxes more than any president in recent history. Trouble is, he's not taxing us, he's taxing our children and grandchildren.
Bush and McCain are like a guy who comes home with a big smile, and says, "Honey, I solved all our budget problems. Look at my new credit card! Now we can buy everything we need!" And when the wife raises a skeptical eyebrow, he says, "Don't worry, honey, this credit card is going to make me more productive, why, in five or ten years, you and I will be making so much money because of all the cool stuff this credit card will buy us, why, we'll pay it off, and be able to put a bunch of money in the bank!"

"But sweetheart," the wife replies, "maybe we should try just spend a little less. Maybe I could get a part-time job..."

"Nonsense! Earn and spend, stick to your budget ... I'm sick of that old, discredited liberal thinking."

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