Monday, September 15, 2008

The Pope's absurd position on euthanasia

At Lourdes, France, this week, Pope Benedict XVI told ailing pilgrims that we must accept death at the hour chosen by God! Wow, that's heavy. Let's see, that means I have to stop taking medicine, stop getting my broken bones mended, stop getting stitched up, no more vaccines ... I mean, if God intended for me to live, he wouldn't have let me get sick or injured in the first place! Right?

Then I figured it out! What a dummy I've been! His Holiness didn't REALLY mean accept death at "the hour chosen by God."

When life is good and God tries to kill us, we're supposed to RESIST His will. Vaccines? God tried to kill my kids with measles, mumps, whooping cough ... gosh, uncountable illnesses, but I foiled God's plan and got vaccines! Antibiotics? God apparently wanted my three children to be deaf, but I showed Him! Those antibiotics foiled God's will, and all three are fine musicians now, two of them professionals, with perfect hearing. So there, God! Broken bones? God put some ice on a sidewalk and made my son slip and break his wrist, but by golly I had it fixed anyway! Take that, God!

So as long as we're happy, and life is good, the Pope wants us to thwart God's will. But, when we're at the end, when there's no hope, and we're incontinent, in pain, all human dignity has evaporated, and all that's left is more suffering, followed by death, THEN we have to bow to God's will. I get it now!

So, what the Pope is telling us is we get to fight God most of the way, but in the end, God wins, and we have to suffer miserably and die without dignity. That makes sense to me!

Thanks, your Holiness, for clarifying that! I sure was confused.

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  1. Thanks for posting this - exactly what I was thinking when I heard the pope say this :D
    When he gets ill, let's see what he does!


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