Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin: The REAL Bush Clone

I try to keep this blog about religion and atheism, but this morning's news was just too much.

SARAH PALIN, not John McCain, is the Bush clone. A New York Times article has a subtitle that says it all: "Palin's sharp elbows transformed town."

The article documents how Palin turned Wasilla, a congenial small Alaskan town, into a divided community. When she arrived, the town was run by cooperation and consensus; by the time she left, her "polarizing single-mindedness" had split the town in two.

It began with the election itself, which Palin won by introducing irrelevant, polarizing, national issues into small-town politics. Abortion rights, her ultra-conservative religious views, her membership in the National Rifle Association – all of these things played a big role in her campaign, even though they are virtually meaningless when it comes to running a town of 9,000 people. "We will have our first Christian mayor," became a rallying cry for her supporters.

Personally, I just can't see how being a Christian has much to do with whether to approve a new Target store, or which streets should be paved, or whether the teachers should get a raise. And it's hard to imagine how her membership in the NRA would help, either. But help it did, to get her elected, that is.

Once elected, the fun really started. The town had been run by a non-partisan, professional city manager, but Palin turned it into an us-versus-them polarized city. She demanded the resignations from city employees who had supported her opponent in the election, something unheard of in the small town. The public works director, the police chief, the city planner, even the museum director! All were fired.

Then the real bombshell: Palin ordered that nobody was to talk to the media without Palin's permission.

Does any of this sound familiar? Palin is the real Bush/Cheney clone, not McCain. Palin's record for dividing her constituency, and for being secretive and controlling, would make Bush proud. McCain has a lot to learn from Sarah Palin if he's going to fill George Bush's shoes!

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  1. Palin in a rather large nutshell...

    Cronyism, unjustified firings, abuse of power, book banning in public libraries, inciting fear of retribution into her opposers, a spender, self-interested, intolerant...
    With ambition and ruthlessness, she favors drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, she will not explain actions and is good at keeping secrets, anti-labor, pro higher earners tax relief, Anti-Green, pro-pollution, just to name a few of her scary attributes.

    Does this sound like a good pairing with a man who has done a 180 degree turn since 2000 and also represents a 95% agreement record with President Bush!!!???!!!

    Oh, yeah, it's Puppet and Puppet Master, Bush and Cheney all over again!!!


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